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1A little cube v each side having a different number of spots ~ above it, ranging from one come six, thrown and used in gambling and also other gamings involving chance.
‘Gauss"s assumption: v was based on throwing a dice through one side significant ‘prime’ and the others all blank.’
‘She threw the dice, and also got 2 fives and one four.’‘You rolled the dice and gambled - what have actually you obtained to lose?’‘If you throw a dice and also guess any number in between 1 and also 6, the possibilities that her guess will certainly be correct room 1 / 6.’‘When you throw the dice, the odds of any type of given outcome can be calculated.’‘You roll 2 dice to strike in the game and also if you role doubles, you need to stop!’‘A defender with two or an ext armies rolls 2 dice, and also one v one military rolls one die.’‘How have the right to you fill the dice in your favor?’‘At the core of the video game is cram dice on the table because that positioning.’‘However dice room thrown, possibility will traction the result in an unforeseen way.’‘The upholstery is black, and she has red fuzzy dice hanging from her rearview mirror.’‘When was the last time you experienced some fluffy dice, or any other strange automobile accessories?’‘And they"re casting dice, for her future.’‘Hence, the 3 dice all have actually the same full face value.’‘Modern scholarship has not yet created the video game for which this dice were used.’‘The youngsters roll dice, and, depending upon where castle land, they have to act out or prize the questions.’‘Cluedo is a video game with an easy rules, with luck limited to the minor function of the activity of pawns by dice.’‘He established that friend didn"t really need dice or mathematical models to do a workable baseball role-playing game.’‘One Mozart manuscript actually includes what might be thought about a musical game, though no played through dice.’‘I still have actually a huge collection of dice from mine gaming days.’
‘A second widely held id is that the phrase originates from the video game of dice, saying a bad player wasn"t any great because his ‘shakes’ to be not effective enough.’
‘When, after political struggles and also a decision to division the kingdom, Yudhihira lays claim to universal kingship, Duryodhana difficulties him come a video game of dice.’‘Another origin days from the moment of the Crusaders, who played a game of dice called after their place of encampment, the lock Hasart.’‘They have actually just finished their 12-year exile in the forest after shedding the game of dice and are around to enter the step of having to live in disguise.’‘Next time, us will turn you end to Nono for a game of dice.’‘He is a simpleton and also he loves a game of dice.’‘Grinning i stood and walked over to where men were play a game of dice.’‘Police stormed the residence and also found 11 enthusiastic human being noisily engaged in a rowdy video game of dice.’‘All I have the right to say is that it"s like a video game of dice; occasionally you win and sometimes friend lose.’‘The emphasis was ~ above the game of dice, which evoked political intrigues past the barriers of time and place.’‘The definition of statistical independence appears in this book together with many problems with dice and also other games.’‘Following his study of the game of dice, he came to be known as the founder of the theory of probabilistics.’‘It to be a safe bet that as quickly as Max and I were out of sight they would be earlier to their video game of dice.’‘A traditional Inuit game comparable to dice is played on a board, utilizing pieces in the form of miniature people and also animals.’‘Perform your ablutions, bathe, eat, drink, play dice and other games, sleep - all on the chariot.’‘‘Life is simply one huge dice game’ follow to beam Doyle and also Kevin Legend, co-founder of the Dice camp.’‘So much can turn on a game of dice: kingdoms have been lost, wives gambled away.’‘Card games, dice and also chess were the techniques he used to make a living.’‘I"m additionally a large fan of Einstein, who claimed God does not play dice through the universe.’‘A half-dozen men play dice gamings while a mrs upstage pours and also serves your tea.’
‘Early settlers, unused come such huge marine creatures, reduced them right into dice dubbed mootjies and simmered them v onions.’

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‘Wash, core and also cut at the very least 5 pounds that ripe tomatoes into large dice.’‘We have adjusted the technique to incorporate small dices that pineapple in a mixture the cucumber and flakes of warm smoked salmon.’