A conversation through a student one day

Me:Atarashii uchi wa mitsukatta?

Student:Iie mada desu. Kinou miniitta kedo, yachin ga 9 man-en datta.

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Me: Ah, souka. Ill wa “chotto” takai ne.

Student: Iie “chotto” janai. Sugoku takai desu.

Me: have you discovered your new flat?

Student: No, no yet. I went to watch one yesterday but the rent to be 90,000 yen.

Me: Is that so? That’s “a bit” high-quality indeed.

Student: No, not “a bit”. It’s “very” expensive.

When I provided the native “chotto” in such a context, ns am often rebutted by my students that it is not at all minor or little or little. However, the fact is that the “chotto” the I usage here has the same an interpretation as “very”.

While “chotto” might mean “a little” when used in “chotto matte = just a moment.” or “chotto dake nihongo ga hanaseru = ns speak Japanese a little.”, the is additionally often provided to typical the complete opposite an interpretation in Japanese as in “kanari = fairly, rather” or “totemo = very”. Once used together with the negative kind at the back, that always way “very”.



Nando mo uragiraretekita kara, kare nokoto wa, mou chotto shinjirarenai.

I have actually been betrayed by him plenty of times, for this reason he is very untrustworthy.

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Kinou no atsusa wa, chotto hidoku nakatta?

Wasn’t yesterday an extremely hot?

Thus it would have actually been perfect if the student had answered, “Hai, chotto! = Yes, indeed!” in ~ the finish of the ahead conversation instead!


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