I i think it way "I"ll capture up through you later" or miscellaneous of the sort, however I feeling the "circle" indicates some kind of redundancy or endlessness loop of checking in ~ above me. Is that right?


Ask him what the means! If mine boss stated that to me I'd wonder if it's a new line in buzzword bingo, is that a weirdo? or perhaps he's a pathological vulture??
According come the BeeDictionary, "circle around" way to move about in a circular motion. The does suggest redundancy or endlessness doesn"t it?

In the case of your boss saying "with", it type of changes the definition a bit. It suggests that you room the one doing the circling around, and also that the ceo will join you in her circuit after that (hence, the "catch-up" meaning).

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By "circling around" the boss doesn"t mean countless or meaningless wandering, but rather he method by what you do everyday, your typical tasks and also jobs or errands etc. Thus, that would join you later on in stimulate to catch up with you.


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