Do you have actually a 3.2 GPA? are you wondering whether a 3.2 is good, and also what colleges friend can gain into with a 3.2?

We"ve created the most detailed guide to your GPA here:

Find the end which colleges you can obtain into through a 3.2 GPA.Learn how you have the right to raise your GPA.Learn what you should be doing to maximize your possibilities of gaining into the best colleges.

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Quick disclaimer: unlike standardized test scores like SAT/ACT, GPA plans vary native high college to high school and also from university to college. Some use weighted GPAs and also others use unweighted GPAs. In this guide, we’ll typically talk around unweighted GPAs and also compare girlfriend on a national and college level.

As we"ll define below, the actual GPA number is simply one dimension of her coursework. The difficulty of your courseload is necessary - the more complicated your classes, the more colleges are willing come excuse a emboldened in GPA.

Finally, also though this guide focuses on a 3.2 GPA, ours advice is the exact same for close GPAs, favor 3.22 and also 3.18 GPAs. You can use this overview for all GPAs between 3.1500000000000004 and 3.24.

Is a 3.2 GPA good?

A 3.2 GPA way that you"re mostly gaining Bs and B+s in all of your classes. Your GPA is over the national high school typical of a 3.0, but much more selective colleges might be the end of reach depending on your test scores and also other elements of her application.

We"ve analyzed the student profiles in ~ 1500+ colleges across the joined States and the mean GPA of its just arrive students. Here"s exactly how a 3.2 GPA compares to the nation:


37.97% the schools have an mean GPA listed below a 3.2.

Competitive For:592 Schools

You can use to colleges and also have a great shot at acquiring admitted.

Missing out On:967 Schools

You have actually a low chance of obtaining into v a 3.2 GPA.

To elaborate, the national median for GPA is about a 3.0, for this reason a 3.2 puts you over average nationally. Store in psychic the 3.0 national typical represents every students, not simply students applying to college, so the mean GPA of student admitted to colleges is greater than the national average.

Here"s much more custom advice because that you if you have a 3.2 GPA. Click your grade level to see our evaluation.

As a freshman, friend still have actually a couple of years to raise her GPA prior to you use to college. With a 3.2, you might have difficulty getting into selective schools, so you can end increase having much less options for college 보다 someone through a slightly higher GPA. The next pair years will give you the possibility to take more complicated classes and raise your qualities so the you can provide yourself much more options. You may not have any type of colleges in mental yet, yet if any schools attention you feel complimentary to look them up through our search device in the next section. This will allow you to view your possibilities of admission through your existing GPA. You deserve to also readjust this page to a slightly greater GPA and recheck your possibilities in order come motivate yourself!

You"re previous the halfway allude for university applications, so her GPA might be challenging to change from currently on. However, it"s still feasible to do a difference in your GPA if you do really well small year. Though you have actually a greater than mean GPA, you space still going come run right into some obstacles in the college application procedure if you"re hoping to get into an ext selective schools. you can inspect your admissions possibilities at any type of colleges girlfriend think you"re interested in through the search device in the following section.

Your GPA will certainly most most likely stay the same in between now and an elderly fall when you apply to college, barring any extreme differences in your grades. While a 3.2 is a decent GPA, it"s no significantly higher than average and also will placed some limits on your college search and application process. an ext selective institutions will more than likely be out of reach v this GPA, yet you will certainly still have plenty that options. If you"re thinking about any schools at this point, you can search for them in the following section to see exactly how your possibilities of join look based on your GPA and test scores.

Since you"re a senior, it"s most likely that you"ve currently begun the university application process in some capacity. If you"ve done part research, friend probably recognize that a 3.2 GPA limits your college search quite a bit. You still have actually a high sufficient GPA to be competitive at a variety of schools, but an ext selective alternatives may it is in closed off to you. If you currently know wherein you plan to apply, you have the right to search for those colleges in the following section and also check ~ above your possibilities of admission.

Your possibilities With a 3.2 GPA

This is more than likely the biggest question on your mind. What colleges can you obtain into with a 3.2? What are your possibilities of admission at your top choice schools?

We"ve built a practice admissions calculator that calculates your chances based upon the 3 most important components to identify your chance of admissions:

The school"s join rateYour GPAYour SAT/ACT score

Here"s just how to use this calculator:

Choose the satellite or the ACT, relying on which you"re takingChoose your current SAT/ACT scoreEnter the name of every college you"re interested inChange your SAT/ACT score to see how your possibilities change

How would certainly your chances improve with a much better score?

Try to take it your present SAT score and add 160 point out (or take her ACT score and add 4 points) to the calculator above. See just how much your possibilities improve?

This is essential when you"re considering her GPA. Girlfriend probably know how tough it is to traction up her grades and also GPA. If you improve your SAT/ACT score, you"ll have the ability to show colleges the you"re academically all set for college.

At, we"ve developed the leading virtual SAT/ACT prep program. Us guarantee an improvement of 160 sat points or 4 act points on her score, or your money back.

Here"s a review of why we"re so much more effective than other prep programs:

There"s a lot much more to that renders it the ideal SAT/ACT prep program. Click come learn an ext about our program, or sign up because that our 5-day cost-free trial to examine out because that yourself:


Can You improve Your GPA?

We’re not going come sugarcoat it: GPAs aren’t straightforward to improve. The later on you space in high school, the much less your GPA will readjust before you use to college.

For example, if you"re at this time a junior in high school, your qualities in freshman and also sophomore year will anchor your GPA so that your junior grades won"t it is in able to adjust your full GPA much.

Here"s a calculator for you to see just how much your GPA deserve to improve in various cases. Choose your current grade level, and also then pick your future qualities up till college applications. We"ll show you how high or low her GPA deserve to be, depending on your qualities from currently forward.

Your grade Level
Current GPASemesters RemainingFuture GradesGPA for Applications

Warning: due to the fact that you have actually no semesters left, your GPA won"t adjust by the moment college applications space due. You"ll need to use with a 3.2 GPA. Together we define next, your best chance at improving your opportunities of acquiring in might be to boost your SAT/ACT score.

Final Verdict and also Advice

From the details above, you can see the your present GPA will offer you a relatively wide range of college options. friend still have actually an above average GPA, and you won"t have actually a problem getting into schools that space on the much less selective side. As a freshman, however, you have plenty the time to obtain your GPA even greater and it is in competitive for a greater number of schools. You should start pushing you yourself as soon as possible to enhance your qualities and, if you"re approximately it, take it more complicated classes. If girlfriend can regulate to put in much more effort, it will certainly pay off once colleges see that you thrived immensely end the course of your years in high school. It"s easy to get stuck in a rut through your study habits, so try and fix any problems you"re having in your classes sooner rather than later!

As a sophomore, friend still have a year left come raise her GPA. Based upon your college searches in the device above, you"ll watch that you have actually a great chance of acceptance to less selective schools, however there will still be numerous colleges that are out the reach. end the food of your junior year, you should work on improving your grades as lot as possible and challenging yourself in your classes. You might not it is in able to readjust your GPA the much, but colleges will notice even small differences in her grades and the difficulty of her coursework.

You can additionally start studying for standardized tests so that you end up v high scores the will improve your admissions prospects. Planning ahead for standardized tests will assist you to mitigate stress next year and avoid retaking test too numerous times. If you"re responsible with your study behavior next year and also plan ahead because that college applications, you have actually a solid opportunity of obtaining into a an excellent school.

At this point, you most most likely won"t have the ability to make any significant changes in your GPA prior to you apply to college. Based upon the device above, you can see that you have actually a strong chance the being welcomed to many colleges, but schools that space on the an ext competitive side might be out of reach.

You have to still try to raise your grades, but your best shot at increasing your chances of join at this allude lies in boosting your standardized test scores. Prepare yourself well for the sat or act so the you finish up with impressive scores the will provide your an ext options because that college. Overall, you shouldn"t be as well worried about the application procedure if you pick your colleges wisely. There space many good schools the end there that will certainly accept you with your current GPA.

Hopefully the devices in this post gave friend a great sense that your chances of join at the schools where you setup on applying (or have currently applied). If it"s still beforehand in your senior year and you"re pertained to that your GPA could make it complicated to gain into a college you really like, you might take into consideration retaking the satellite or ACT. You have the right to still send your scores to colleges after you"ve already sent in your consistent applications, and also high standardized test scores deserve to go a long method in enhancing your admissions possibilities at many schools. Everything the case may be, your GPA most likely method that you"ll be able to get right into schools that you favor as lengthy as girlfriend don"t set your sights unrealistically high.

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School NameLocationSATACTGPA
University the ArizonaTucson, AZ1235253.39
High point UniversityHigh Point, NC1180243.3
Quinnipiac UniversityHamden, CT1175263.47
State college of brand-new York marine CollegeThroggs Neck, NY1170243.3
New York academy of TechnologyOld Westbury, NY1160243.3
University of north TexasDenton, TX1160233.47
University of Texas in ~ ArlingtonArlington, TX1160233.47
University the MaineOrono, ME1154243.29
Pace UniversityNew York, NY1140253.4
State college of brand-new York PlattsburghPlattsburgh, NY1130233.27
University that Texas at san AntonioSan Antonio, TX1125223.4

School NameLocationSATACTGPA
Washington State UniversityPullman, WA1125233.46
Albright CollegeReading, PA1120233.05
Stevenson UniversityStevenson, MD1120223.1
Florida farming and mechanically UniversityTallahassee, FL1105213.4
Indiana college - Purdue university IndianapolisIndianapolis, IN1100223.47
Texas State UniversitySan Marcos, TX1095233.34
State university of brand-new York in ~ FredoniaFredonia, NY1090243.17
Montclair State UniversityMontclair, NJ1086213.26
Texas A&M university - corpus ChristiCorpus Christi, TX1080203.26
Radford UniversityRadford, VA1041203.25
Texas A&M university - Kingsville Kingsville, TX1040203.24

School NameLocationSATACTGPA
University of Texas at El PasoEl Paso, TX1040203.3
California State college NorthridgeNorthridge, CA1030193.35
Indiana college of PennsylvaniaIndiana, PA1017193.2
California State college FresnoFresno, CA1010193.18
California State university StanislausTurlock, CA1000193.28
California State college BakersfieldBakersfield, CA993193.3
California State University east BayHayward, CA992193.2
Kean UniversityUnion, NJ990203
University that Texas in ~ BrownsvilleBrownsville, TX990193.14
California State college Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA985183.24
California State university Dominguez HillsCarson, CA900183.13

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