If girlfriend have ever walked roughly a garden in the summer, the opportunities are you have seen small, eco-friendly or brown lizards. Garden lizards are very common and are additionally sold as pets.

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Green anoles, fence lizards, and also agamas are all popular varieties found in gardens and also households.

Feeding a lizard is very basic once you discover what they eat and also their dietary needs. Regardless of over 6,000 various species, lizards every fit right into one of 4 feeding groups.

Continue analysis to find out when and also what to feeding baby, wild and pet garden lizards.

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Feeding LizardsCan Lizards Eat:

What carry out Lizards Eat?

Tree lizard eating a grasshopper


Most lizards fall into 2 categories: insectivores and also omnivores.

Insectivores just eat insects and also other invertebrates. They deserve to eat anything from spiders, flies, and aphids to crickets, mealworms, and dubia roaches.

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Some types have a diet similar to turtles and also are omnivores. Omnivores eat insects too, however they likewise need fruits and vegetables in your diet. Safe fruits and also veggies for lizards include bananas, papaya, grapes, yams, bell peppers, carrots, strawberries and also dandelion greens.

Make certain you also provide your lizard through vitamin and also calcium supplements double a week and vary that is diet come ensure that gets all the nutrients it requires.