Hmm … what to wear? Deciding what to don each morning have the right to be one arduous battle, even—or perhaps especially—when your closets room busting in ~ the seams. Relief is in sight: Jyotish, or Vedic astrology, offers a daily shade theory for pacifying the planets that can be a useful tool in the midst of a wardrobe crisis. Looking an excellent while cultivating an excellent fortune—what’s no to love?

Translated as the “science of light,” Jyotish is just one of the six auxiliary techniques used to support timeless Vedic rituals. Originating in India, Jyotish defines planetary trends that emerged at the exact time and also location of your birth, with the score of giving individuals an ext information on exactly how their life will certainly unfold. The birth chart forecasts strengths and weaknesses, v the on purpose of sustaining us to reach our maximum potential. And nothing is a excellent deal: No issue what your chart tells you, there are countless rituals and traditions that have the right to be imposed to placate debilitated planets.

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According come Jyotish, each day the the week has actually a corresponding planet. While some day/planet pairings space rather obvious (for example, Sunday is ruled by the sun), various other days need cracking the ancient texts. Right here are the planets, colors, and gems the correspond v each job of the week. Acquiring dressed is around to become both auspicious and also streamlined!


Ruler: Sun

Color: Red

Stone: Ruby, Red Spinel, Bloodstone

Qualities: In Jyotish, the sun is thought to be a enjoy of the soul. Because of this heart connection, Sundays room the best day come dedicate to spiritual pursuits. Sun Salutations top top a Sunday morning room a beautiful method to greet the day and honor the paternal sun. In Vedic culture, paying homage to the sun is considered a boon for health and a an increase to confident energy.

What to Wear: lug in an ext of the sun’s energy by put on red ~ above Sundays. Any and also all garments count, even if it is you want to dress up prefer a firecracker, just wear red socks, or obtain out her ruby slippers.


Ruler: Moon

Color: White

Stone: Pearl, Conch, Moonstone

Qualities: through her maternal pull, the moon fosters our emotionally body. Mondays are finest for honoring her yin, or feminine, energy. Opt come decrease stress and activity levels on Mondays to meet the moon. Since the moon is the planet of community and communication, “manic Mondays” are meant for connecting. Go out through friends and paint the city … white.

What to Wear: Moon-day fashion includes wearing white and digging the end the old family members pearls.





Stone:Red Coral, Carnelian

Qualities:The fiery earth Mars offers us our zest and energy. Due to its feisty side, Mars is traditionally thought about a malefic planet (having an unfavorable influence). Jyotish advises preventing Tuesdays fortravel, weddings, conception, or negotiations. But, because aggression is rampant ~ above Mars days, this is a great time to seek athletic endeavors and competitions. Mars is assumed of together the engineer, therefore this is also a good day for mathematics or research. Honor and also right intention are highly necessary themes to think about on Tuesdays.

What to Wear:Similar come Sundays, Tuesdays additionally require blazing reds. Red coral is recommended together the stone to appease Mars. If you have tendency to have a preponderance ofpitta(fire) dosha in her constitution, a necklace make of red coral can help soothe it.




Stones:Emerald, Aquamarine, eco-friendly Tourmaline, Peridot

Qualities:The cerebral earth Mercury is well-known for lightning-fast intellect, merriment, and also childlike energy. This world rulescommunication, education, and also commerce. Wednesdays is a day to have tendency the mind and also care for the self.

What come Wear:Mercury is represented by the shade green, therefore wear something environment-friendly on Wednesdays, it is in it a item of jewelry v an emerald stone or her favorite pair of chuck Taylors.




Stone:Yellow Sapphire, Amber, Topaz, Citrine

Qualities:Jupiter, the earth of abundance and also luck, rule Thursday. This is the planet of goodness and generosity; thus,acts the serviceand donating your time are taken into consideration auspicious on Thursdays. Prefer the Moon, Jupiter is a society planet, and also Thursdays are ideal spent in the firm of loved ones.

What to Wear:Hoping to bring about an ext abundance and also luck in your life? find something yellow to wear ~ above Thursdays. I have actually an amber ring the I usage as my default Jupiter day accessory.



Color:Pinks, White, light Purples

Stone:Diamond, White Sapphire

Qualities:Lovely Venus is the planet of the arts, for this reason this is the ideal day to check out all aspects of the arts. Get an innovative and insanity intoyour inner rock star. Pleasing Venus can look choose making music, dancing, or drawing. Fridays are likewise perfect because that romance, as Venus is a divinely feminine planet, deeply connected to love.

What come Wear:Similar to Mondays, Venus and the Moon room both represented by whites. Often, I will certainly slip part pinks or lightpurplesinto mine ensemble on Fridays.




Color:Black, Dark Blue

Stones:Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst

Qualities:Heavy and also languid Saturn rules Saturdays, which renders it a less-than-ideal day for product or society enterprises. Regularly thought come bring around losses and strife, this planet can be our biggest teacher. At the commencement of the week, Saturn invites you to reflect ~ above purifying her mind and getting prepared for a new cycle. This is a perfect day toretreat in natureandexplore meditation. Follow to Jyotish, the hills exude the positive elements of Saturn energy, make Saturdays right forforest bathingand gaining down and dirty with mom Nature.

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What come wear:Saturn is stood for by dark colors, specific black and dark blue. Gain out the city garb, as Saturn is absolutely a planet to keep on your great side.