Spirit was used as an inspiration and version for the artists and animators during the do of the 2002 DreamWorks animated movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. The film, based on a script around a wild mustang composed by man Fusco, a long-time figure in the mustang community, and also was a combination of hand-drawn, timeless animation and also state-of-the-art computer animation.

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In April 2002, after perfect of the film, DreamWorks relocated soul to return to Freedom’s American Wild steed Sanctuary, where he serves as a significant ambassador that the Kiger Mustang breed. In ~ his brand-new home, heart is may be to invest his job exploring big pastures at the Sanctuary and also enjoying new friends. We room delighted to develop a new home for soul where that can continue to thrive and also inspire our visitors to maintain the legacy of these splendid animals.

Spirit to be sired by the foundation stallion Steens Kiger, the an initial horse admitted to the Steens hill Kiger it is registered studbook, and also is himself provided in the Steens mountain Kiger Registry together ‘Donner the Steens Mountain’.


The office of land Management found the Kiger equines on the top top the high desert that southeastern Oregon in 1977. Federal government officials agreed that they had found really unique horses. To maintain them, they moved this small band of equines to other areas on the north end of the Steens mountain near Kiger Gorge. The Kiger each other takes its surname from this region.

Kigers variety from 13.3 come 15.2 hands. The majority are duns, however Kigers can likewise be various other colors, including bay, grullo, red dun, roan, or black. An unexplained color, termed “claybank” through the Kiger community, combines dun with cream to produce the palest line-backed representatives of the breed.

Some Kigers have white markings, but excessive white is discouraged. Kigers are short-coupled: they have actually a short tail-set, properties “hook- shaped” ears, and luxuriant manes and tails. The phenotype is considered, by many, to it is in of a Spanish horse.

Area the origin: Although heart was ranch-bred in Bend, Oregon, the Kiger Mustang originates in the Kiger/Riddle Herd Management areas of Steens Mountain, ~ above the high desert the southeastern Oregon.Breed: Kiger MustangColor type: Dun with dorsal stripeBirthday: soul was born might 8, 1995Came to return to Freedom: April 2002

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