driving an Alfa Romeo is something everyone needs to experience at the very least once. An Alfa Romeo is a perfect, unique blend the pure driving passion and also mesmerizing beauty. In 1967, a movie dubbed ‘The Graduate’ make its way to the theatres. The beauty beauty of one particular enchantress stole the display in every step which describe her. The beautiful command actress anne Bancroft (who looked good in the movie) is not the one we are talking around though. It"s the 1966 Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider Duetta that everyone glued your eyes to whenever it gone into the scene. In the movie, Dustin Hoffman cd driver the 1600 Spider across a freeway to with Katharine Ross’ personality in the church v Simon & Garfunkel’s acoustic music play in the background. It is just one of those iconic scenes in cinema background that will constantly be remembered and also talked about. The filmmaker do a an excellent move to choose this specific classic vehicle for this movie, besides the truth that Dustin Hoffman’s uncle to be an importer of Alfa Romeos.

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When launched in the US, Alfa Romeo arranged a transatlantic luxury liner cruise from Genoa(Genova) to brand-new York. They invited just celebrities favor Vittorio Gassman, Rossella Falk, and the soprano Anna Moffo to gain the three 1600 Spiders displayed in Green, White, and also Red colors.

stop talk about what renders this auto so unique and also what occurred to the car used in the film.

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How great Was The Spider?

alfa romeo spider duetto Via: classicandsportscar.com

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one of the world’s most renowned petrolheads, Hollywood legend Steve McQueen drove the 1600 Spider Duetto in the summer the 1966 and also mentioned that this vehicle is an extremely forgiving while also praising that is looks. After ~ all, the legend Ferrari designer Pininfarina group was in fee of the 1600 Spider. The cute small front grille squished by the symmetry front bumpers just below the extended headlights make for together an innocent-looking car: how have the right to anyone not love this cutie? there are more curves than straight edges, even in the behind end.

The 1600 Spider had actually some neat attributes like sensitive brakes, spicy steering, independent former suspension, and a well-balanced chassis. By no method would the be dubbed a "slowpoke". The twin-cam 1.5-liter inline-4 engine made of aluminum delivered 108 HP. It could not be lot today, but good enough ago then because that this lightweight beauty to be rapid on the freeway. A five-speed hand-operated transmission drive the Spider with the rear two wheels. When you see the step mentioned above in ‘The Graduate’, girlfriend will notification that this auto has one of the best sounding I4 engines of all time! The 1600 Spider belongs best up there with the Subaru WRX STi or the Lancer EVO. When occurring the car, Alfa Romeo was confused between “Duetto” and “Cuttlefish.” They organized a compete in association v their european dealers. Duetto won, yet Alfa had actually to usage it as an unofficial name as result of some legality issues.