The Betta Fish Diet

Image Credit: yin8003211 native PixabayIn the wild, Betta fish room carnivorous. Castle love come eat meat of all kinds. They will eat pretty much any type of kind of meat the they have the right to wrap their mouths around. This consists of all sort of insects and also insect larvae, daphnia, brine shrimp, blood worms, and also other together creatures too.

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They are reasonably hardy and prolific eaters, or in other words, lock don’t host back. They choose to eat rather a bit, specifically when it concerns live foodstuffs like insects.

Now, part Betta fish do periodically chow under on tree matter, but not an extremely often. If you check out a Betta fish eating plants, fruits, or veggies in the wild, the is probably because they have actually not been able to catch enough live prey.

However, there room some Betta fish which have been shown to reap the occasional herbivorous treat. It does kind of count on the Betta fish in question. The being said, because that the vast bulk of Betta fish, they room something prefer 90% carnivorous.

What foods items Do Betta Fish Eat In The Wild for The most Part?

Copepods Moina Shrimp Fairy shrimp Brine shrimp Daphnia Fruit flies Mosquitos Mosquito larvae Blood worms White worms


What Human foodstuffs Can Betta Fish Eat?

Image credit: PixabayWhen it concerns human food, the vast bulk of our foods are just not suitable for usage by Betta fish. Friend can dominion out any kind of processed food prefer salami or bologna.

Those chemicals and also preservatives will certainly not carry out your Betta fish any good and can really well do them really sick. There are some foodstuffs that you can feed her Betta fish, ones the you can eat yourself, but you can’t feed them solely human food.

For the many part, you have to be providing them one-of-a-kind Betta fish food or various other things that they would typically eat, choose the worms and also insects we debated above. The being said, there space some human foods items that you can feed them.

Just keep in mind the the bulk of the Betta fish’s diet demands to it is in meat-based, so any type of human food you provide them needs to it is in done periodically as a treat, not as a meal or enjoy the meal supplement.

What are Some Human foods items You deserve to Safely Feed your Betta?

Boiled Peas

Boiled peas v the shell removed have the right to be consumed by Betta fish. Make certain to eliminate the skin since it is tough to digest.A couple of boiled peas space actually shown to aid relieve digestion concerns in Betta fish.


Cucumber and lettuce space also an excellent things to feed your Betta fish. They have actually lots of vitamins in them and also are easy to digest. Simply don’t give them too lot of one of two people of these things and make certain to cut them into really small pieces.


Some easy boiled or microwaved spinach will work too. Some Betta fish don’t favor it while others do.It is a issue of tastes here. Simply make sure to lightly cook it first because it can be difficult for fish to digest.

Sweet Corn

Boiled kernels that sweet corn is one more treat that most Betta fish will like. Save in mind that corn is practically void that nutrients, for this reason it can only be fed come Betta fish as an sometimes treat.

Image Credit: panpilai paipa, Shutterstock


Meats favor chicken, beef, and pork have the right to be fed come Betta fish in very tiny quantities.Now, most human being are against this simply since it is unnatural for a water-dwelling creature to eat a land-based animal, yet it is not technically harmful.

Make certain to boil the meat all the method through and add absolutely no spices. The only downside is the our meat is frequently made with antibiotics and also steroids i beg your pardon are more than likely not so great for Betta fish to consume.


Betta fish will definitely enjoy part fresh fish pieces and also other types of seafood. Little chunks that shrimp, oysters, scallops, and other together creatures do for good treats no doubt.

The upside below is that these foodstuffs are all pet protein-based, which means that you deserve to technically substitute fish food v these meat on occasion.

On a side note, if girlfriend are giving your Betta canned tuna, make sure it is not packed in oil. Oil is not an excellent for fish, nor will it execute you any favors in regards to water quality.


Never feed your Betta fish any kind of kind that citrus fruits. Your bodies simply cannot handle the acidity.


While you deserve to feed her Betta fish a small piece of one unsalted cracker every now and also again, that is not recommended as result of additives.

Image Credit: lmstevendesign native Pixabay


Betta Fish Feeding Tips

Let’s just quickly go over several of the most important tips to follow for feeding her Betta fish. Friend should certainly follow these if you want a really happy and healthy Betta fish.

Some Betta fish can be really picky eaters and might not eat what you provide them. If they space being picky, shot some freeze dried treats like blood worms and daphnia. Now, we always recommend frozen dried foods because they space sure come be complimentary of bacteria and parasites. However, if you have a yes, really picky eater in your tank, you might have to provide the Betta part live food to really acquire it interested in that dinner.
While Betta fish can eat some person foods, because that the most part, we would certainly recommend sticking to their continual diet.

Image Credit: ivabalk from Pixabay

Commonly inquiry Questions

Can betta fish eat bread?

Whether or no betta fish will eat bread is no the inquiry here, because yes, betta fish will certainly eat bread and crackers.

However, no, they have to not eat bread. Bread, crackers, and other such things contain yeast. Yeast expands and also caused constipation in fish.

Severe constipation deserve to lead come a range of more serious issues, which will certainly then lead to death.

Can betta fish eat apples?

Yes, you have the right to feed your betta fish some apples, but not much. In the wild, apples are not a part of their continual diet, and also while not too bad for betta fish, big amounts the apples need to be avoided.

Simply put, while offering your betta fish some tiny apple chunks won’t death them, it no the finest either.

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What to feeding betta fish as soon as out that food?

If you happen to be the end of fish food, there space some an excellent things you deserve to feed your betta fish, just so it won’t starve prior to you walk out and buy more betta fish food.

raw shrimp Worms Tuna fish other fish fillets Insect larvae insects cut peas Melon Cucumber Sweet potato Spinach