You’ve more than likely seen a small icon prefer the one come the right that claims Player Points: (some number) if friend viewed any user profile recently. That’s because ROBLOX is implementing a new feature called “Player Points”!

Player Points are a currently beta function in which users earn Player point out in ROBLOX gamings that sell them, and also show them off on their profiles. Player Points are NOT a type of currency, meaning you cannot buy items in the ROBLOX magazine with Player Points; they are just a ranking mechanism for games.

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However, a ranking mechanism for gamings is pretty neat. Numerous users claim to it is in the finest at a particular game, and also with Player Points, we will recognize for sure if that’s true or not. The players/groups with the highest possible Player clues get presented on a new “Leaderboards” tab on separation, personal, instance games, and the players/groups that typically have the many Player Points gain an entire new category on the ROBLOX website, called “Leaderboards”.

You can uncover your spot in ~ a click that a button for one of two people an individual game, or in general contrasted to the rest of the Player suggest – hunters.

Also, since game developer decide how many Player clues to offer out, there has to be some limit, right? Otherwise, players could just make games that provide you 1 billion Player Points, and it wouldn’t also be a competition. ROBLOX worked approximately this by developing a device that permits games to obtain points to give to players with sales indigenous Developer Products, video game Passes, and also Paid Access.

Here’s just how it works: over there is a “tax” placed on the Developer Products, video game Passes, and also Paid Access. Currently, this taxation is 90% because that ex-BC, and 30% for BC, meaning that if you offer a game Pass for 10 ROBUX, you acquire 7 the end of those 10 ROBUX, and the other 3 walk to ROBLOX, in other words, vanish. However, through Player Points, those ROBUX obtain turned into 3 Player Points that the video game creator can use to give to players in-game.

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The Player Points that a game has to provide to its football player are originally hidden; it’s up to the video game developer whether to display the points obtainable or not.

Player Points space a great feature, and also I use them in my video game “Sword Fighting Battles”. You can transfer 1000 sword Points, which space the currency certain to knife Fighting Battles, for 1 Player Point! So, if you want to begin earning part Player Points, sword Fighting war is a an excellent game to get started!