Heineken proceeds its motor-racing-inspired marketing task with an ad starring not one but two former Formula One civilization champions.

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Created by Publicis Italy, "Father and also son" follows Keke Rosbergand child Nico as they contend to earn a chair behind the family members steering wheel.

After a series of defeats, Nico unwinds with a non-alcoholic pint, leading him to snatch the vehicle keys indigenous his dad and drive residence to Cat"s In The Cradle by harry Chapin.

The point out ends through the tagline: "The much better driver is the one that doesn’t drink." It was directed by boy name Werner v Bacon Copenhagen.

This is sustained by society media, digital and also experiential activity.

"We space committed to responsible consumption and want to use the strength of the global Heineken brand because that good," Gianluca Di Tondo, an elderly director for the worldwide Heineken brand, called Campaign.

"We use our F1 global platform to with millions of human being with a compelling and also bold responsibility message: once you drive, never ever drink. As among the world’s most captivating and also visible sports, F1 is the perfect communication from i beg your pardon to lead the conversation around drink-driving and make a confident difference."

The campaign follows a examine commissioned through Heineken that uncovered a quarter of drink-drivers think they drive well under the affect of alcohol.The research likewise found alcohol-free alternatives to have actually a positive affect on drink-driving behaviour.

Nico Rosberg said: "Heineken has dedicated part of its F1 partnership to conveying a clear and compelling responsibility blog post that i myself share, one that pipeline consumers in no doubt: once you drive, you never drink.

"The latest campaign conveys a really powerful message that, nevertheless of whether you’re a experienced driver or not, abstinence behind the wheel is the only option."

This isn’t the an initial time Nico Rosberg has starred in a Heineken advertisement – in 2018, he turned down "just one beer" as component of the brand’santi-drink-driving programme.

Heineken very first kicked turn off its "When friend drive, never ever drink" campaign in 2016 v ads starring former racing vehicle drivers Sir Jackie Stewart and David Coulthard.

Luissandro Del Gobbo, global executive an innovative director in ~ Publicis Italy, added: "Heineken’s brand id is based upon the see that if you look in ~ life v afresh perspective, friend will reap it more, therefore our challenge is to find a unique and also fresh perspective across the campaigns.

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"The "When you drive, never drink" campaign is hugely necessary for Heineken and additionally for anyone who functioned on it. This is a an effective message the zero alcohol behind the wheel and there certainly wasn’t a lack of engaging ideas flying around."

This clues the third significant work launched by Heineken this year, through the brand also releasing ads focusing on famed martini drinkerJames Bondand sex stereotypes in drink orders in ~ bars.