According come Plutarch, the words through which Julius Caesar succinctly explained one the his victories. In Latin the words room “veni, vidi, vici.”

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Ibycus, IC, ICA, -ical, -ically, ns came, i saw, ns conquered, ICANN, ns cannot call a lie, ICAO, Icaria, Icarian

I came, i saw, i conquered is a expression that is used to typical someone completely succeeded at something, together in I completed the marathon there is no breaking a sweat. I came, i saw, i conquered. 

I came, i saw, i conquered may additionally be offered sarcastically or jokingly to describe unimpressive or plain achievements, together in I finished my having lunch without break a sweat. I came, ns saw, ns conquered. 

The expression is a translate into of a Latin quote, veni, vidi, vici. The Latin expression is likewise frequently used.

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Example: Rodrigo won the baseball game singlehandedly after ~ hitting five home runs. The came, he saw, he conquered.

I came, i saw, ns conquered is one English translate into of the Latin veni, vidi, vici. According to ancient Roman chronicler Suetonius’s Lives that the Caesars, Julius Caesar used the phrase veni, vidi, vici during a roman inn triumph in 46 B.C. That adhered to a successful armed forces company. Caesar, a well known military general, provided the phrase to emphasize the swiftness of his victory. The phrase indicates that Caesar overcame an area instantly after seeing it for the very first time.

I came, ns saw, i conquered is a really famous phrase that most civilization know was initially said through Julius Caesar. I came, ns saw, ns conquered is frequently printed on lots of merchandise, such together shirts and also coffee mugs.

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What room some synonyms for ns came, i saw, ns conquered?

What space some words the share a root or word facet with I came, ns saw, i conquered

What space some native that often get offered in stating I came, ns saw, i conquered?

I came, ns saw, ns conquered is a famous phrase that civilization use to describe finish successes or masterful accomplishments.

As quoted through Julius Caesar: "I came, i saw, ns conquered"

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— Chino Ibay (
cappuchiino) might 30, 2018

Today ns officially am done…I came…I saw…I conquered and also now I'm DONE with my program and officially a 2018 Master's level graduate! My mothers day gift as well meeeee….lol!