Comic Barry Humphries remembers attending Elton John’s 1984 wedding to Renate Blauel in Australia.

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“It was in a beautiful old church in Sydney,” Humphries said of the Valentine’s day affair.

“Elton seemed happy.

“Halfway with the ceremony, the minister to be saying a prayer and behind him, a cockroach crawled up the wall,” Humphries, who performs as Dame Edna, recalled. “I don’t recognize if it was a an excellent or bad omen.”

Considering the marital relationship — which is briefly shown in the brand-new movie “Rocketman,” the end Friday — lasted only lasted four years, one could make a guess.

Less 보다 a week prior to he had proposed, john allegedly had actually a threesome with an ex-boyfriend and a masculine prostitute. In a 1976 interview v Rolling Stone, he had actually admitted to gift bisexual, and also his homosexual work were famous in music circles, sources told The Post.

News that his marriage to Blauel — a 30-year-old German sound technician he had known because that only about a year — sent out jaws dropping transparent the entertainment industry.

Rod Stewart caught the sentiment in a telegram — referencing among John’s hits — the he sent out the star: “You might still it is in standing, but we’re every on the f–king floor.”

“It was unexpected,” stated Harley Medcalf, managing director of Duet Entertainment. He to be John’s tourism promoter at the time and also charged through planning the wedding in four days after ~ the singer proposed to Blauel end dinner in Australia.

But some think that, for John, marital relationship to Blauel was essential to save his career afloat — and also social acceptance intact.

“It’s choose he . . . Chose to conform and also have a ‘normal’ life,” claimed journalist Lesley-Ann Jones, who spanned John in ~ the time.

“It didn’t happen.”

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John and Blauel very first met in the early on 1980s as soon as he was functioning on a new track because that “Don’t walk Breaking mine Heart” singer Kiki Dee at London’s waiting studio.

“That was her first session as a full-fledged engineer,” said David Motion, one assistant engineer on the project. “Renate was fairly nervous. She was keen . . . Execute a good job, i beg your pardon she did.”

The crew consistently toiled away until 1 or 2 a.m. Every night, careful to store a moody and coked-up man happy.

“He was not really in a great place at the time,” said activity of the singer. “He would go and plonk self at one end of the desk and . . . Us were every there to type of be at his beck and also call and make sure he to be happy.

“There was rather a little bit of cocaine,” he added. “As much as I can tell, it to be pretty lot all because that him.”


(John’s representative did not return calls for comment, and also Blauel to be unreachable.)

The singer’s wife, on the various other hand, was well-known as a scheduled young woman.

“She constantly appeared to me to be a really centered person, but she was very quiet,” said Medcalf.

Blauel was born in Berlin. Her father, Joachim Blauel, to be a affluent publisher, according to John’s ex-lover, Gary Clarke. She rebelled against her upper-crust childhood, functioning as a trip attendant because that Lufthansa before moving come London in ~ the period of 22 to go after a career as a music producer.

After that an initial recording session v John, the two started spending an ext time together. Blauel worked on his 1983 album “Too short for Zero,” and also joined the in Montserrat that year to aid on the album “Breaking Hearts.” She likewise tagged along for his Australian tour.

The former couple in 1985.Getty Images

On Feb. 10, 1984, John, climate 36, proposed come Blauel over curry at an Indian restaurant.

His friends were shocked — specifically his previous boyfriend, Clarke, who cases to have had a threesome through John and also a male prostitute 2 nights before the engagement, in the singer’s hotel suite.

In his memoir, “Elton, my Elton,” Clarke recalls the popular music star whispering to him after their tryst: “Don’t it is in upset, Chook, I have asked Renate come marry me.”

“A bolt the lightning fight me, sending my senses reeling,” Clarke wrote.

The wedding was attended by stars including Olivia Newton-John and tennis pro John McEnroe. John’s ideal man to be his manager man Reid, that was also an ex-boyfriend.

“It to be an remarkable event,” said Medcalf. “There was lots of love. But at the same time, the boyfriend was on the fifth floor that the hotel half out the home window watching.”

Blauel had actually a dress custom-made for her by Aussie designer Keri Craig-Lee, through a heart-shaped pendant sporting 63 diamonds — a gift from man — sewn into the bodice.

“Oysters were flown in from brand-new Zealand,” said Medcalf the the reception. The food selection boasted dozens of dishes including lobster, prawns, oysters, scallops, salmon, lamb, crab, venison, beef, veal, quail, chicken, pork, turkey, ham and also trout. Amongst the vintage wines to be a 1978 Le Montrachet Chateau des Hebeaux Jacques Prieur, a party of which offered at Christie’s in 2000 for $683.

“I really had no idea ,” claimed Medcalf. “All I deserve to say, watching lock standing with each other at the wedding, stop hands, there to be magic there.”

It seemed that marriage had the intended impact for john — in ~ first.

“He owned a football club and also there used to it is in homophobic chants top top the terraces at the games. This all turned roughly a little when the married a woman,” said journalist Jones.

Blauel and John skipped a honeymoon, as he still had the rest of his tourism to complete.

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“I think it’s difficult for anybody to keep up ,” stated Medcalf, citing the tour’s late-night parties and pressure-filled days.

In a 1984 interview v England’s day-to-day Express, John claimed he was helping his brand-new wife acclimate to life in the spotlight.

“I’ve got to it is in the one that helps her and also eases her right into things,” john said. “She isn’t supplied to the razzmatazz.”

Jones, that wrote the book “Tumbling Dice,” said: “You would notice how affectionate and also caring the was as soon as they came into an occasion or party. He would certainly be quite deferential to her and also sweet. I think we all fell for it because that a bit.”

Behind closeup of the door doors at John’s UK estate, whereby the 2 slept in separate bedrooms, the marriage was deteriorating. A scene from “Rocketman” shows the newlyweds eat breakfast together, in finish silence, as john chugs a enormous screwdriver.

According come a 1988 people magazine article, the pop star was proceeding to satisfy male lover at hotels. That exact same year, as soon as John barricaded self at house after negative articles concerning his sexuality came out, world reported the Blauel climbed a ladder to his home window to inspect on she husband.

Despite a $44,000 birthday party john threw because that Blauel, the 2 divorced in November 1988. According to the world article, the divorce settlement was rumored come be as high as $45 million (though various other media sources reported it as closer come $6 million).

Blauel moved right into a $600,000 Surrey cottage man bought because that her. Conserve for designer handbags and her eco-friendly Mercedes coupe, neighbors said you’d never suspect she was married to a celebrity, follow to a 2000 Sunday mirror article.

“We don’t point out Elton’s name because we understand it quiet upsets her,” one neighbor said the paper.

In 1993, man met his now-husband, David Furnish. The two married in 2014 and also have 2 young sons that were born through the help of a surrogate.

John and Blauel didn’t speak for nearly two years — reportedly ­because she to be furious that he had actually ­deceived her.

Blauel is said to have actually moved earlier to Germany in the early on aughts to care for her parents. Some time after that, she reconnected through her famed ex.

In a 2007 interview through the Sydney Morning Herald, John claimed that he and Blauel had actually recently dined together and made amends.

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“We laughed and we cried. We’re adults. Yet I carry out regret ,” the said.

“A drug addict thinks favor this: ‘I’ve had sufficient boyfriends and that’s no made me happy, for this reason I’ll have actually a wife; the will readjust everything.’ and I love Renate. She’s a an excellent girl. I ­really, yes, really loved her. But, friend know. It is just one of the things I regret many in mine life, hurting her.”