It"s difficult to think that it"s to be a decade since Noah (Ryan Gosling) took Allie (Rachel McAdams) down in a barrage that undying love in the sob-rom classic, The Notebook. And also though we"ve all grown increase a lot because Seabrook, the romantic in united state still ascribes to part unfortunate untruths bred on the wings of Walt Whitman, glossy pincurls, and houses v blue shutters. Here, 10 lies The Notebook told about love:


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That it"s supposed to be a wild, wild ride: anyone who has actually been come a wedding knows what the Corinthians knew: "Love is patient. Love is kind. That does no envy, it does not boast, it is no proud." Yeah, welp, Allie and also Noah"s love was the of the kerosene-soaked, squeeeeee ~ above the handlebars, "I hate you" variety. And once we witnessed that it cleared up for those two crazy kids, the allure of patient and kind love pretty much curdled.


That the "bad boy" reads poetry. Oh, come turn off it, Gosling.


That ice cream cream is a flirtation device:

Allie: Oh, i know! Let"s wait in line because that a cone and also then I"ll just smash it in your confront like a real Turd Ferguson. Oh, exactly how we"ll laugh!!

Noah: Dad and also I have had Bisquick for 3 days straight now, yet sure, that"s a fun game.


That lovely, young females turn right into the perfect coiffed Gena Rowlands and also that Ryan Goslings turns into this guy:


That James Marsden, the man with decision blue eyes and also an Adam"s apologize the size of mine fist, is a sidepiece. Mr. Back-up Plan.


That moms are just meddling, jealous old coots with surprise blue-collar-boy-that-got-away sob story from the old shipyard.


That this ar exists—and that it"s Swan City:


That young men steal their love diatribes native Carrie Bradshaw:


That this is fun:


That if you relocate on through your life, get engaged to a wealthy battle vet named Lon, and also then check back in v your ex for some nostalgia nookie after ~ seeing that he flourished a beard and built you her dream house with the wraparound porch—even though he hasn"t heard from you in like, a decade—this will certainly happen:

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