Ram Lug seed Torque Specs, all Models

If you are planning on installing a wheel on her Ram, the is crucial to be conscious of the manufacturer"s recommended torque settings. Making use of the ideal torque helps ensure that the wheel assembly is securely installed. The Ram van Wheel Lug seed Torque Chart we have actually compiled have the right to be supplied as a rapid reference overview by roadside aid providers or DIY enthusiasts as soon as working on any Ram Truck.

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Using the manufacturer"s recommended torque likewise helps guarantee the there no either too lot or too little pressure on any type of of the assemblies come which the wheel attaches. Before you install her wheels, check your vehicle’s recommended torque.

Ram Lug nut Torque Specs Recommendations

For lamb Trucks Wheel Lug nut Torque Specs - newer models, you re welcome scroll come the bottom the the table and also follow the web links there.

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MakeModelTrimYear RangeTorque


1500ALL / ALL2013 - 2019130 ft-lbs
2500ALL / ALL2013 - 2018130 ft-lbs
3500ALL / ALL2013 - 2018130 ft-lbs
3500 DUALLYALL / ALL2013 - 2018140 ft-lbs
C/V16"BASE / ALL2012 - 201595 ft-lbs
PROMASTER 150016"BASE / CARGO2014 - 2018145 ft-lbs
PROMASTER 250016"BASE / CARGO2014 - 2018145 ft-lbs
PROMASTER 350016"BASE / CARGO2014 - 2018145 ft-lbs
PROMASTER CITY16"STEEL / TRADESMAN2015 - 201865 ft-lbs
PROMASTER CITY16"ALUM / TRADESMAN2015 - 201890 ft-lbs

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Lug nut / Lug seed Torque Specs for 2020 evade models:Lug nut / Lug nut Torque Specs because that 2019 evade models:

Remove or install Front or behind Wheel - generic Instructions

When removing and also installing a wheel on your vehicle, constantly follow this generic instructions, yet for much more information please describe your owner"s manual. Once lifting your vehicle, make certain you usage the appropriate equipment and that you only lift the automobile from the jacking points, one wheel at the time. Always block the contrary wheel indigenous the one you space working on with two wheel chokes ~ above both next of the wheel to protect against the auto from rolling and fall the the jack if you"re functioning on it. Never get under the car when the is resting only on the jack.

Always relax the wheel lockable nuts or bolts by hand (use a breaker bar) and also NOT by utilizing an influence drill. Carry out not jump or use your foot top top the breaker bar.Remove dirt, grease residues and corrosion indigenous rim and also wheel hub contact surfaces.Check brake key retaining bolt for tight fit.Apply anti-seize paste on the wheel centring in the wheel rim.Clean wheel bolts or nuts and also check threads because that damage, renew if necessary. Renew corroded wheel bolts. Attention! execute not apply oil or grease come wheel studs or bolts.The wheel rim need to rest uniformly versus the brake disc.Screw in the wheel bolts or lug nuts and also evenly tighten through hand in a crosswise sequence in stimulate to centre the wheel rim.Tighten the wheel bolts or lug nuts to the stated tightening toque in a crosswise sequence making use of a calibrated speak wrench.Check every wheel bolts or lug nuts in the exact same sequence and also retighten to the prescribed tightening speak if necessary.Under no circumstances use pneumatic or electrical screwdrivers to screw in and also tighten the wheel bolts.