Johnny Prefers come Be v Captors (Situational Irony)

Contrary come the reader"s expectation that a ten-year-old boy would be frightened when two strangers abduct the from his front yard, Johnny prefers to remain with Bill and Sam in their cave hideout. In this circumstances of situational irony, O. Henry inverts the traditional narrative about kidnapping by having the captive great to remain with his captors fairly than return house to the dull truth of living v his father and also going to school.

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Bill Doesn't know Johnny Is Behind him (Dramatic Irony)

When Sam return to the cavern after posting the ransom letter, that discovers the Bill and the boy have actually vanished. Invoice emerges indigenous the bushes and informs Sam that he freed Johnny, releasing the on the roadway to Summit. As Bill describes his reasoning, Sam sees the Johnny is in fact standing eight feet behind Bill, grinning. In this circumstances of dramatic irony, Sam, Johnny, and also the reader understand a an essential piece of information—that Johnny has actually not returned to Summit—while Bill stays comedically oblivious.

The Kidnappers salary Dorset come Take back His kid (Situational Irony)

In solution to Sam and also Bill"s ransom demand of $1,500, Johnny"s father tells the kidnappers the they "are a little high in demands." He makes a counter-proposition come "bring Johnny home and pay me 2 hundred and fifty dollars in cash, and also I agree to take it him off your hands." In this circumstances of situational irony, the kidnappers" expectation that a father would be involved for the welfare the his son and pay to have him ago is undermined by the revelation the Dorset knows how exhausting it have the right to be come look ~ Johnny. The irony is prolonged when the kidnappers agree to the man"s terms; lock even take into consideration Dorset generosity for just asking $250.

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The story ends through Bill and also Sam running the end of city after having completed the kidnapping-for-ransom deal. However, in O. Henry’s comic reimagining of a kidnapping-for-ransom plot, rather than being payment to give the captive young back, the men have...