Tuition-Free interlocutor Promise broadens Bold Promise come support more Texas students and families.

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The Graduate School

Advance your education and also career! No test scores or official transcripts required.

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November 1, 2021

Cyber variety provides hand-operated training"s interactive, cybersecurity facility have the right to simulate real-world cyber attacks in a safe and also secure environment

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October 29, 2021

Curbing the climbing tide the opioid-related deaths

A brand-new examine on premature deaths due to overdoses could help Texas policymakers aid their communities

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October 28, 2021

Addressing the shortage that mental health and wellness services for Latinos

This distinct bilingual training routine is designed for both school and clinical mental wellness counselors

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September 15 come October 15Hispanic heritage Month

Celebrate the cultures and also contributions the our hispanic students, families, and community!

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Being about a group of civilization that not only value their education and learning but also being the best at what they execute pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and strive to be much better than ns was before. –Nehemiah Jackson, "21" prepares students for the careers the today and also tomorrow, equipping them with the tools they require to change the world.

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Social media is a great place to find college student stories, discover our colorful campuses, and connect v the Roadrunner family. Sign up with the conversation making use of the hashtag #BirdsUp.

FamiliaA spain thriving university’s commonwealth designation together a hispanic Serving school (HSI) is just one part of ours story. We are taking bold actions to go past our HSI designation to end up being an school where hispanic students thrive.

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AudaciousModeling the future of higher education was started with the promise of social mobility and opportunity because that underserved Texans. Today, is setting the typical for educating students that reflect the demographic future that the unified States.

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Building Digital Literacy

We’re devoted to transforming education and learning through creative digital empowerment, weaving Adobe’s cutting-edge tools right into learning experience to provide our student a vain edge.

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InspiredAcademic Success District

The scholastic Success District, at the scholastic center of ours campus, represents’s culture of support and also empowerment because that its students, an especially our first-generation college students. – Kimberly andrew Espy, Provost and an elderly Vice president for scholastic Affairs take it an interaction District tour

CommunityDestination Downtown

Anchoring the city’s technology corridor, the Downtown Campus is undergoing an development that shows promise for economic prosperity, urban revitalization and transdisciplinary discovery.

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InventiveTalent of Tomorrow is tackling the labor force talent vacuum come ensure our region and state continues to be competitive, giving the next generation that talent with the an abilities and relationships they must jumpstart your careers.