Being a Precinct Captain is not simply a name on a list, something to placed on her resume, or a volunteer place that impresses her superiors. Like whatever in politics, a good precinct captain regime is relationship-driven. There is nothing more powerful than world organizing their very own communities and building connections amongst their neighbors.

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As Precinct Captains develop relationships, they will certainly recruit more people that share democratic values and want to acquire involved. It likewise ensures preferably voter registration and participation.

General obligations of a Precinct Captain


Regular attendance at the central Committee Meetings. Castle are typically held top top the 4th Thursday the the month, at the very least 6 times a year. This is crucial aspect that your duty as a member of the central Committee. You acquire to poll on leadership, candidates and issues that will receive endorsement. Also, attendance keeps you present on important concerns to share with your precinct. The more you know, the an ext effective you room in her community.

Be the conduit between your precinct and the MCDP. Uncover out the thoughts and also concerns of your neighbors, recommend them the meetings, crucial dates, and also the message of our endorsed candidates. Walk your precinct through candidates, or host a residence party to aid candidates fulfill your neighbors. Aid distribute palm cards, slate cards, and yard signs. Friend can call your neighbors by door-knocking (the most efficient connection), call calls, emails or letters. Make sure that you administer your call information and welcome new neighbors to her precinct.

A Precinct Captain should have the ability to answer questions around election laws, such as deadlines for registering to vote, just how to register to vote, polling locations, beforehand voting dates and times, and additionally be aware of regional issues and candidates top top the ballot.

Support the MCDP by becoming a dues payment member. Many memberships levels and also payment plans are available. Also support our fundraisers transparent the year. Support and also become a member of your local democratic club.

How to end up being a Precinct Captain


We space a ar of 360 precincts. If every of these precincts room filled with energetic and committed precinct captains, us can develop a solid network of autonomous outreach, education and recruitment. If becoming a Precinct Captain is appropriate for you, we would love come welcome you to the central Committee. Together a member you will be noted with a binder, details to your precinct, containing a map, a list of democrats in your precinct, and pages of tips and also contacts. Precinct Captain meetings and training are additionally scheduled.

You will also have the chance to become a member of among our standing committees. These committees constantly work-related to enhance all facets of the Montgomery County democratic Party.

There space two means to come to be a member the the central Committee:

Every four years the party goes with a reorganization process. Anyone wishing to offer on the central Committee have to register with the board of poll to run in your precinct. To be eligible for a ballot, you need to turn in 5 valid signatures the registered voters in your house precinct who room either registered democracy or undeclared. These main Committee location will show up on the major Election Ballot.The second means to come to be a member of the central Committee is to be appointed to either your home precinct, or an adjacent precinct, if your home precinct is currently filled. Nominations to to fill vacancies deserve to be made by Ward Leaders, the Chairperson or through volunteering to serve v the Precinct Captain Committee. The executive, management Committee authorize appointments.

If you’d like to volunteer to offer as a Precinct Captain, fill the end the form below expressing your interest and also someone will call you.

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Please take into consideration committing come this an extremely important group. As President bother Truman said, “The most important job I ever before had was being a precinct captain.