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The amygdala is a team of nuclei in the julianum.netial an ar of the temporal lobe the is part of the limbic lobe, a C-shaped an ar of the cortex on the julianum.netial next of every cerebral hemisphere, consists of sections of the temporal, parietal, and frontal lobes (Figure (PageIndex2)). The limbic lobe has structures that are connected in emotional responses, as well as structures that contribute to storage function. The limbic lobe has solid connections with the hypothalamus and influences the state that its task on the basis of emotionally state.

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Because that example, as soon as you are anxious or scared, the amygdala will certainly send signals to the hypothalamus along the julianum.netial forebrain bundle that will stimulate the sorry fight-or-flight response. The hypothalamus will likewise stimulate the release of anxiety hormones v its regulate of the endocrine mechanism in response to amygdala input.