I think the correct answer indigenous the choices detailed above is choice 2. The chemistry formula that a compound does not indicate how elements are joined in the compound. It cannot say anything just how the atoms room bonded to each other. Expect this answers the question.

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option (c) is the correct answer.


A compound is characterized as the problem in which different facets are chemically merged together in a fixed proportion by mass.

For example,

is a compound and also elements are present in 1:4 ratio.

A compound have the right to be split into its constituent or easier substances.

Hence, a chemical formula shows the elements involved in it together with their identity and relative proportion.

But a chemical formula does no tell how atoms space joined together as it deserve to be done by structural formula and not by chemical formula.

Thus, we can conclude the the chemistry formula the a link does not show how facets are join in the compound.

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3). A chemistry formula is identified as symbolic representation of a molecule or compound.

The number existing as a subscript in a chemistry formula depicts the number of atoms that each aspect present in the compound and the proportion in which they space combining.

For example, chemical formula the phosphorous tetraoxide is


Therefore, the chemical formula the a link does NOT suggest how facets are joined in the compound.

4). A chemistry reactant is characterized as a specie existing on the left side of a chemical reaction equation. Conversely, a product is a specie the is created on the ideal side the a chemistry reaction equation.

For example,


Therefore, in the chemical reaction in i m sorry sucrose is heated and also decomposes to kind carbon dioxide and water, sucrose is a reactant.

5). A adjust that does no bring any kind of difference in chemical composition the a substance are known as physical change.

For example, shape, size, mass, volume, density, etc of a substance space all physical changes.

And, a readjust which brings difference in chemistry composition that a substance is known as chemistry change.

For example, precipitation, reactivity, toxicity etc are chemical changes.

Therefore, fermenting that cheese is a chemical change and not a physical change.

6). Degeneration of hardwood is a chemical process because in this process fungus or any kind of other specie tends to digest moist wood. As a result, the wood gets rotten and also a readjust in its chemical composition occur.

Therefore, a chemical adjust occurs once a piece of lumber decays.

7). As chemical ingredient of a substance alters in a chemical change. This may bring changes like formation of a gas, precipitate formation, endothermic or exothermic process etc.

Whereas fracture information is a physical change because it just brings readjust in shape of the substance.

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Hence, fracture formation does NOT show that a chemical readjust may have taken place.

8). According to legislation of conservation of matter, matter deserve to neither be created nor it can be destroyed. It deserve to only be readjusted from one kind to another.