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For many people the assumed of moving a presentation is a difficult task and brings around a great deal the nerves. However, if girlfriend take some time to recognize how efficient presentations space structured and then use this framework to your own presentation, you’ll appear much more confident and also relaxed.

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Here is our finish guide because that structuring your presentation, with examples at the end of the write-up to demonstrate these points.

Why is structuring a presentation so important?

If you’ve ever before sat v a good presentation, you"ll have left emotion either motivated or informed on a given topic. This isn’t due to the fact that the speaker to be the most knowledgeable or motivating person in the world. Instead, it’s because they know exactly how to framework presentations - they have crafted their message in a logical and also simple way that has permitted the audience deserve to keep up through them and also take away key messages.

Research has supported this, v studies mirroring that audiences maintain structured info 40% much more accurately 보다 unstructured information.

In fact, not only is structuring a presentation crucial for the advantage of the audience’s understanding, it’s additionally important for you as the speaker. A good structure help you continue to be calm, remain on topic, and also avoid any kind of awkward silences.

What will affect your presentation structure?

Generally speaking, there is a natural flow that any type of decent presentation will certainly follow which we will enter shortly. However, you must be aware that all presentation structures will be various in their very own unique way and this will certainly be because of a number of factors, including:

even if it is you must deliver any demonstrations just how much communication you want from the audience any kind of time constraints there are for your talk What setting you room in Your capability to use any kinds that visual help

Before picking the presentation"s structure answer these concerns first:

What is her presentation"s aim? Who are the audience? What room the main points your audience should remember afterwards?

When reading the point out below, think critically around what points may reason your presentation structure to be contempt different. Friend can include in details elements and also add more focus to particular moments if that works far better for her speech.


What is the typical presentation structure?

This is the usual flow of a presentation, which covers all the an important sections and also is a great starting allude for yours. It permits your audience to easily follow along and also sets the end a solid framework you can add your contents to.

1. Greet the audience and also introduce you yourself

Before you begin delivering your talk, present yourself come the audience and clarify that you are and also your relevant expertise. This walk not have to be long or extremely detailed, but will assist build an immediate relationship in between you and also the audience. It gives you the chance to summary clarify your expertise and why you room worth listening to. This will aid establish your ethos therefore the audience will certainly trust you an ext and think you"re credible.

Read our advice on just how to begin a Presentation Effectively


2. Development

In the advent you need to explain the subject and also purpose of her presentation whilst acquiring the audience"s interest and also confidence. It"s sometimes beneficial to think that your arrival as funnel-shaped to aid filter under your topic:

introduce your general topic define your object area State the issues/challenges in this area you will certainly be exploring State her presentation"s function - this is the communication of her presentation therefore ensure the you carry out a explain explaining how the topic will be treated, because that example, "I will certainly argue that…" or probably you will certainly "compare", "analyse", "evaluate", "describe" etc. Provide a declare of what you"re hope the outcome of the presentation will be, because that example, "I"m hoping this will certainly be provide you with..." show a preview that the organisation of your presentation

In this section likewise explain:

The size of the talk. Signal even if it is you desire audience interaction - part presenters favor the audience come ask questions throughout whereas rather allocate a details section because that this. If the applies, notify the audience whether to take it notes or whether you will certainly be providing handouts.

The way you framework your advent can rely on the amount of time you have actually been given to present: a sales pitch might consist of a quick presentation so girlfriend may start with your conclusion and then provide the evidence. Vice versa, a speaker presenting your idea for adjust in the civilization would be much better suited to start with the evidence and also then conclude what this way for the audience.

Keep in mind the the main aim of the introduction is to grab the audience"s attention and also connect with them.

3. The main body that your talk

The main body of your talk demands to accomplish the guarantees you made in the introduction. Depending on the nature of your presentation, clearly segment the various topics you will certainly be discussing, and also then occupational your means through castle one in ~ a time - it"s necessary for everything to it is in organised logically for the audience to totally understand. Over there are numerous different methods to organise your main points, such as, by priority, theme, chronologically etc.

key points have to be addressed one by one with supporting evidence and examples. Prior to moving on come the next point you should carry out a mini-summary. Links should be clearly stated in between ideas and you need to make that clear when you"re relocating onto the following point. Enable time for world to take relevant notes and also stick to the topics you have prepared beforehand fairly than straying too far off topic.

When planning your presentation create a perform of main points you want to make and ask you yourself "What i am telling the audience? What need to they understand from this?" refining her answers this way will assist you develop clear messages.

4. Conclusion

In presentations the conclusion is typically underdeveloped and also lacks function which is a shame as it"s the ideal place to reinforce her messages. Typically, her presentation has a specific goal - that can be to convert a number of the audience members into customers, bring about a certain variety of enquiries come make human being knowledgeable top top specific an essential points, or come motivate them towards a shared goal.

Regardless that what the goal is, be sure to summarise your main points and their implications. This clarifies the as whole purpose of your talk and also reinforces your factor for being there.

Follow these steps:

Signal the it"s nearly the finish of your presentation, because that example, "As us wrap up/as us wind under the talk…" Restate the topic and purpose of your presentation - "In this speech I wanted to compare…" Summarise the key points, consisting of their implications and conclusions suggest what is next/a call to action/a thought-provoking takeaway move on to the last section 5. Say thanks to the audience and invite inquiries

Conclude your speak by thanking the audience for your time and also invite them to ask any kind of questions they may have. As discussed earlier, personal circumstances will impact the structure of her presentation.

Many presenters prefer to make the Q&A session the an essential part that their speak and try to speed through the main body the the presentation. This is completely fine, however it is still ideal to focus on transferring some sort of initial presentation to set the tone and also topics for conversation in the Q&A.


Other typical presentation structures

The over was a summary of a an easy presentation, below are some more specific presentation layouts:


Use the show structure once you have actually something useful to show. This is usually supplied when you desire to show how a product works. Steve Jobs commonly used this technique in his presentations.

describe why the product is valuable. Describe why the product is necessary. Describe what difficulties it can solve because that the audience. Make proposal of other things it can do to do the audience curious. Problem-solution

This structure is specifically useful in persuading the audience.

Briefly structure the issue. Get in the concern in detail showing why the "s such a problem. Use logos and pathos for this - the logical and emotional appeals. Administer the solution and explain why this would also help the audience. Contact to activity - other you desire the audience to execute which is straightforward and pertinent come the solution. Storytelling

As well as incorporating story in your presentation, you can organise your entirety presentation together a story. Over there are many different kind of story frameworks you have the right to use - a popular selection is the monomyth - the hero"s journey. In a monomyth, a hero goes on a difficult journey or bring away on a difficulty - they relocate from the acquainted into the unknown. After dealing with obstacles and ultimately doing well the hero return home, transformed and also with newfound wisdom.

Another popular selection for using a story to structure your presentation is in media ras (in the center of thing). In this type of story friend launch right into the activity by offering a snippet/teaser of what"s happening and then you begin explaining the occasions that caused that event. This is engaging because you"re starting your story in ~ the many exciting component which will make the audience curious - they"ll want to know how you gained there.

Remaining method

The remaining technique structure is an excellent for situations where you"re presenting your perspective top top a controversial topic which has separation people"s opinions.

Briefly structure the issue. Enter the concern in information showing why it"s such a problem - usage logos and pathos. after ~ you"ve presented every the alternatives carry out your solution, the staying solution. This is very persuasive because it looks choose the to win idea, especially with the audience believing that you"re fair and trustworthy.


When transferring presentations it"s vital for her words and ideas to flow so your audience can understand how whatever links together and why it"s all relevant. This have the right to be done using speech transitions which space words and also phrases that allow you to smoothly move from one suggest to an additional so the your speech flows and your presentation is unified.

Transitions can be one word, a expression or a full sentence - there are many different forms, right here are part examples:

relocating from the introduction to the an initial point

Signify to the audience that you will certainly now start discussing the an initial main point:

now that you"re conscious of the overview, let"s start with... First, let"s start with... Ns will very first cover... My first point covers... To acquire started, let"s look at... shifting between similar points

Move indigenous one suggest to a similar one:

In the very same way... Likewise... Equally... This is similar to... Similarly... internal summaries

Internal summarising is composed of summarising prior to moving on to the following point. Girlfriend must inform the audience:

What component of the presentation you extended - "In the very first part the this decided we"ve covered..." What the an essential points to be - "Precisely how..." just how this web links in with the as whole presentation - "So that"s the context..." What you"re relocating on come - "Now I"d prefer to move on to the second part of presentation i beg your pardon looks at..." Physical motion

You deserve to move her body and also your standing ar when you shift to an additional point. The audience discover it much easier to follow her presentation and also movement will rise their interest.

A common method for combine movement into your presentation is to:

start your introduction by stand in the center of the stage. For your an initial point you was standing on the left side of the stage. You talk about your 2nd point indigenous the center again. You was standing on the appropriate side the the stage for your 3rd point. The conclusion occurs in the centre.

Key slides for her presentation

Slides room a beneficial tool for most presentations: lock can substantially assist in the shipment of your article and aid the audience follow along with what you are saying. Key slides include:

an intro on slide outlining your concepts High quality image slides to supplement what you are saying

There space some presenters who pick not to use slides at all, though this is much more of a rarity. Slides can be a an effective tool if offered properly, but the difficulty is that countless fail to do simply that. Right here are some golden rules come follow as soon as using slides in a presentation:

Don"t over to fill them
- your slides space there to assist your speech, rather than it is in the focal length point. Castle should have actually as tiny information as possible, to stop distracting civilization from her talk. A snapshot says a thousand words - instead of pour it until it is full a slide through text, instead, emphasis on one or two photos or diagrams to assist support and explain the suggest you are mentioning at that time. Make them readable - depending on the dimension of your audience, some may not be able to see little text or images, so do everything huge enough to to fill the space. Don"t rush with slides - give the audience enough time to digest each slide. There have to be a best of 10 slides - human being rarely remember much more than one concept after that so there"s no suggest overwhelming them through unnecessary information. The presentation need to last no much longer than 20 minutes together this will leave time for questions and also discussion. The font size have to be a minimum of 30pt due to the fact that the audience reads faster than you speak so less details on the slides way that there is much less chance of the audience gift distracted.

Here are some extr resources for slide design:

Group Presentations

Group presentations are structured in the same means as presentations with one speaker yet usually require more rehearsal and practices. Clean transitioning in between speakers is an extremely important in developing a presentation the flows well. One means of law this is composed of:

briefly recap on what you extended in your section: "So the was a brief development on what health anxiety is and also how that can impact somebody" introduce the next speaker in the team and explain what they will discuss: "Now Elnaz will certainly talk around the pervasiveness of health and wellness anxiety." Then finish by looking in ~ the following speaker, gesturing in the direction of them and also saying their name: "Elnaz". The following speaker must acknowledge this with a quick: "Thank you Joe."

From this instance you can see just how the various sections that the presentations connect which makes it less complicated for the audience to follow and also remain engaged.

Example of an excellent presentation structure and delivery

Having examples of an excellent presentations will help inspire your very own structures, right here are a couple of such examples, every unique and also inspiring in their very own way.

exactly how Google functions - through Eric Schmidt

This presentation through ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt demonstrates few of the most important lessons he and also his team have learnt through regards to working with several of the many talented individuals they hired. The simplistic yet cohesive format of all of the slides is miscellaneous to be appreciated. They are reasonably straightforward, yet include power and also clarity come the rigid of the presentation.

start with why - by Simon Sinek

Since being released in 2009, this presentation has actually been viewed practically four million times all approximately the world. The article itself is really powerful, however, it’s no an idea that hasn"t been heard before. What makes this presentation so powerful is the an easy message that is gaining across, and the straightforward and understandable path in which that delivers it. Also note that he doesn"t use any slides, simply a whiteboard whereby he creates a simple diagram of his opinion.

The Wisdom of a third Grade Dropout - by rick Rigsby

Here’s an instance of a presentation provided by a relatively unknown individual looking to inspire the following generation of graduates. Rick’s presentation is unique in many ways compared to the 2 above. Notably, he offers no visual prompts and includes a an excellent deal the humour.

However, what is similar is the structure he uses. He an initial introduces his post that the wisest male he knew was a third-grade dropout. He climate proceeds to deliver his key body of argument, and also in the end, concludes through his message. This an effective speech keeps the viewer involved throughout, through a mixture the heart-warming sentiment, an effective life advice and engaging humour.

As you have the right to see from the instances above, and also as it has been expressed throughout, a an excellent presentation structure way analysing the core post of her presentation. Decision on a vital message you desire to impart the audience with, and also then craft an engaging means of moving it.

By prepare a solid structure, and also practising your talk beforehand, you can walk right into the presentation through confidence and deliver a systematic message come an interested audience.

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In summary

It"s important for a presentation to be well-structured for this reason it deserve to have the most affect on your audience. An unstructured presentation deserve to be difficult to follow and also even frustrating to listen to. The love of your speech space your key points supported by evidence and also your transitions should aid the movement between points and also clarify how every little thing is linked.

Research suggests that the audience psychic the very first and last things you speak so your advent and conclusion are an essential for reinforcing her points. Essentially, certain you invest the time structuring your presentation and also addressing every one of the sections.