The acromion that the scapula is a huge bony estimate on the superior end of the scapula. It is an important landmark that the skeleton system and a muscle attachment suggest essential come the function of the shoulder joint. The acromion also forms the acromioclavicular (AC) joint with the clavicle.

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The pectoral girdle is vital region that the skeletal system that attaches the top limb to the axial skeleton. Proceed Scrolling to Read much more Below...




ongoing From Above... two bones, the scapula (shoulder blade) and also clavicle (collarbone), kind the pectoral girdle.

The scapula is a flat, triangular bone situated posterior come the ribcage. A bony ridge, known as the spine that the scapula, rises from the posterior surface of the scapula along its medial side. The spine grows taller and also thicker together it moves laterally and also superiorly towards the shoulder joint. At the far end of the spine, the acromion forms where the bone widens significantly and extends anteriorly come cover the superior element of the shoulder joint.

The acromion is a level bony projection and has a rectangular shape through rounded corners. That is only about 1 inch (2.5 cm) vast and approximately 2 customs (5 cm) long. The anterior end of the acromion is flat and also smooth to form the acromioclavicular joint with the clavicle.


The acromioclavicular joint, or AC joint, is an essential part the the shoulder that develops a joint in between the acromion and the clavicle. That is a planar synovial joint the holds the scapula and clavicle together while allowing the scapula come glide in many directions loved one to the rest of the body. The scapula’s movement at the AC joint considerably increases the mobility of the arm at the shoulder, specifically when reaching throughout the human body or elevating the arm towards the head.

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Two significant muscles, the deltoid and trapezius, affix to the acromion. The deltoid, i beg your pardon abducts the arm at the shoulder, creates its beginning along the acromion, the spine of the scapula, and the clavicle. From this origins, it the cross the shoulder joint and inserts on the deltoid tuberosity that the humerus. The trapezius muscle arises from the spinous processes of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae and also inserts ~ above the acromion and spine of the scapula. Convulsion of the trapezius rotates and retracts the scapula or may assist to stabilize that position.