Working on a recipe the calls for fresh garlic? If girlfriend don’t have any kind of on hand, or friend aren’t able to eat garlic because of an allergy or medical condition, here’s how to make a an excellent substitution.

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Substitute fresh Garlic Cloves with Another kind of Garlic

The ideal substitute for fresh garlic – assuming you aren’t allergy – is another form of garlic. To change one clove the garlic, use one of the complying with substitutes (listed from finest to worst):

1/2 tsp minced garlic – This jarred garlic product comes the closestly to maintaining the to plan flavor and texture. The smell isn’t rather as strong, but it isn’t much off.

1/2 tsp garlic flakes – Garlic flakes are simply dehydrated minced garlic, i beg your pardon means, if you include them to a recipe v liquid ingredients, they’ll rehydrate and turn back into minced garlic. Even a bit of oil in the bottom the a pan is enough to perform the job. So, this is a solid option, if friend don’t have any fresh garlic or jarred minced garlic around.

1/4 tsp granulated garlic – This floor garlic product still has actually a little bit of structure to it, for this reason it’s a good option as soon as fresh, minced and also flake garlic isn’t available.

1/8 tsp garlic powder – usage this pantry staple to provide your cooking recipes a kick of garlic, as soon as you don’t have actually the actual deal on hand. The smell won’t be together vibrant, and it won’t contribute anything texture-wise, however it’ll gain the task done.

3/4 tsp garlic salt – In a pinch, garlic salt have the right to be provided as a substitute because that fresh garlic. This isn’t a perfect replacement, due to the fact that it’ll include an extra 3/8 teaspoon of salt to your recipe. Come compensate because that this,dial earlier the salt in her recipe by 1/2 teaspoon. Since 3/8 teaspoon is an odd measurement, we’ve rounded up.

Tip: Lots that recipes start with sautéing garlic in oil. If you substituting a dried type of garlic, skip this step, or limit the time to a minute or less.


Garlic chives – have actually garlic chives growing in your garden? It’s in the same family as garlic, therefore it shares a comparable flavor profile. Just chop some up, and use it as a replacement for the garlic in her recipe. It’ll include a quite touch of green to her dish. Wondering just how much come add? Let your eyes and also taste sprout be her guide.


Fresh Garlic Substitutes for civilization With Allergies

If you’re preventing garlic because of one allergy or food sensitivity, your finest bet is to include a sprinkle that ginger, cumin or peppercorns to the recipe. This won’t replicate the taste of garlic, yet it will provide that beat of flavor and fragrance that the dish would otherwise it is in lacking. Pick the one friend think will certainly work best in her recipe, and also season to taste.

Can girlfriend Eat Sprouted Garlic?

Yes! Don’t allow those small green spouts coming out of your garlic stupid you right into thinking friend can’t use it. That’s just the garlic scape, i m sorry is 100% edible. You can mince that up, and also use it right in addition to the rest of the clove.

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Here are a bunch of substitutes because that fresh garlic cloves, including some for world who are allergic.

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