Acquired immunity
Formation that antibodies and also lymphocytes after exposure come an antigen.

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Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)Depression or suppression the the immune device after exposure to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); significant by opportunistic infections an additional neoplasms and neurologic problems.
AdenoidsMasses the lymphatic tissue in the nasopharynx.
AllergenSubstance capable of leading to a particular hypersensitivity in a body; an antigen.
AllergyAbnormal hypersensitivity got by exposure to an antigen (allergen).
AnaphylaxisExaggerated or unusual hypersensitivity to international protein or various other substance.
AntibodyProtein produced in the bloodstream by lymphocytes in response to a particular antigen such together a bacterium or toxin. Antibodies ruin or threaten antigens.
AtopyIntense allergy reaction (such as asthma) influenced by hereditary propensity or predisposition.
Autoimmune diseaseChronic disabling an illness caused through the abnormal manufacturing of antitoxin to regular body tissues; many sclerosis lupus erythematosus room examples.
Axillary nodeLymph node under the arm.
B cellA lymphocyte the originates in bone marrow and transforms into a plasma cabinet to secrete antibodies.
CD4+ cellsHelper T cells that carry the CD4+ protein antigen on their surface.
Cell-mediated immunityType that immune response that involves T cabinet lymphocytes. This lymphocytes act directly on antigens to ruin them.
Cervical nodeLymph node in the neck.
CytokineProtein the aids cell to ruin antigens. Instances are interleukins and also interferons.
Cytotoxic T cellT cell lymphocyte that directly kills foreign cells; T8 cell.
Dendritic cellA kind of macrophage that captures antigens and also presents them to T cells because that destruction.
ELISATest to detect anti-HIV antibodies in blood. This is a screening test because that AIDS.
Helper T cellLymphocyte the aids a B cabinet lymphocyte in recognizing antigens and also stimulating antibody production.
Hodgkin diseaseMalignant tumor of lymphatic tissue in the spleen and lymph nodes.
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)Virus (retrovirus) that causes AIDS.
Humoral immunityType the immune response in which a B cabinet lymphocyte transforms right into a plasma cell and secretes antibodies.
HypersensitivityAbnormal condition characterized by one exaggerated an answer of the immune mechanism to an antigen.
HypersplenismSyndrome of spleen enlargement (splenomegaly) and destruction of red blood cell (hemolysis). (associated v anemia leukopenia and thrombocytopenia).
Immune responseThe body’s capability to resist foreign organisms and toxins the can damages tissue and organs.
ImmunoelectrophoresisLaboratory test that separates immunoglobulins (IgG IgM IgD IgE and IgA).
ImmunoglobulinsAntibodies (proteins) secreted through B-cell lymphocytes (plasma cells).
ImmunosuppressionBlocking or transforming off (Suppression) the normal immune response.
ImmunotherapyUse that immunologic methods to act disease.
Inguinal nodeLymph node in the groin region.
InterferonsAnti-viral protein secreted through lymphocytes.
InterleukinsProteins (cytokines) the stimulate the immune system including B & T cabinet lymphocytes.
Interstitial fluidFluid that fills the spaces in between cells.
Kaposi sarcomaMalignant tumor the skin and also connective tissue; linked with AIDS.
LymphFluid that circulates within lymph vessels and lymph nodes.
LymphadenitisInflammation the lymph nodes.
LymphadenopathyDisease the lymph glands/nodes.
Lymph capillariesTiny lymph vessels that lug lymph with the body.
LymphedemaSwelling of organization due to build-up of lymph liquid in intercellular spaces.
Lymph nodeMass of stationary lymphatic tissue along the path of lymph vessels.
LymphocytesWhite blood cells that build primarily in lymph nodes and the spleen and fight against foreign organisms.
LymphocytosisIncrease in number of lymphocytes.
LymphocytopeniaDeficiency the lymphocytes.
Lymphoid organsOrgans containing and also derived native lymphatic tissue; spleen thymus gland and lymph nodes.
LymphomaMalignant tumor that lymph nodes and lymphatic tissue.
LymphopoiesisFormation the lymphocytes.
Lymph vesselsCarry lymph throughout the body.
MacrophageLarge phagocyte uncovered in lymphatic tissues and also connective tissues; obtained from a monocyte.
Mediastinal nodeLymph node in the mediastinum (central area in between the lungs in the chest).
Monoclonal antibodyAntibody developed in a laboratory to attack details antigens.
Multiple myelomaMalignant tumor the bone marrow cells (plasma cell that create immunoglobulins).
Natural immunityPerson’s own genetic capability to fight off disease. It consists of phagocytes and also lymphocytes together as natural killer cells.
Natural killer cellLymphocyte that recognizes and destroys foreign cells by releasing proteins called cytokines.
Non-Hodgkin lymphomaMalignant tumor of cells (lymphocytes and large macrophages referred to as histocytes) discovered in lymph nodes and spleen
Protease inhibitor (PI)Drug offered to act AIDS by blocking manufacturing of protease, an enzyme that helps HIV come reproduce.
Opportunistic infectionsInfectious diseases associated with AIDS; toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, herpes simplex, and Pneumocystosis carinii pneumonia (PCP).
Plasma cellB cabinet lymphocyte that secretes antibodies.
RetrovirusVirus that makes duplicates of itself using the host cell’s DNA, a procedure that is the turning back of the regular replication mechanism in cells. HIV is a retrovirus.
Reverse transcriptase inhibitorDrug used to act AIDS by prevent an enzyme (reverse transcriptor), required to make duplicates of HIV.
Right lymphatic ductReceives lymph native the appropriate side of the body and empties lymph into a vein in the neck.
SpleenOrgan surrounding to the stomach (in the LUQ) the produces, stores, and also eliminates blood cells.
SplenectomyRemoval the the spleen.
SplenomegalyEnlargement that the spleen.
Suppressor T cellLymphocyte the inhibits the task of B and also T cell lymphocytes.
T cellLymphocyte originating in the thymus gland and destroys antigens by direct action or production of cytokines such together interferons and interleukins.
Thoracic ductLarge lymphatic ship in the upper chest.
ThymectomyRemoval that the thymus gland.
ThymomaMalignant tumor the the thymus gland.
Thymus glandLymphoid body organ in the mediastinum that produces T cabinet lymphocytes and also aids in the immune response.
TonsilsMasses of lymphatic tissue on either next of the earlier of the mouth.
ToxicPertaining to a toxin, which is a poison or harmful substance.
ToxinsPoison or harmful substance.
VaccinationIntroduction that a vaccine (containing dead or weakened antigen) to create immunity. The is a type of obtained immunity.
VaccineWeakened or dead antigens come induce antibody production.
Viral fill testMeasures the lot of HIV in the blood stream.
Wasting syndromeWeight loss and also decrease in muscle strength, appetite, and mental activity that occurs through AIDS.
Western blotSpecific test to detect presence of anti-HIV antibodies in the bloodstream.
autoimmune diseaseChronic, disabling condition in i beg your pardon the body produces antibodies against its own tissues. Instances are rheumatoid arthritis and also lupus erythematosus.

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LymphoidDerived indigenous lymph tissue.