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Roses room red, my love... Doo doo da doooo...A long, long time ago, on graduation day.You handed me your book... Ns signed this way:"Roses room red, mine love.Violets space blue.Sugar is sweet, mine love.But no as sweet together you. "We dated v high school.And when the big day came,I wrote right into your book,Next to my name:"Roses space red, mine love.Violets space blue.Sugar is sweet, mine love.But no as sweet as you. "Then ns went far away and you uncovered someone new.I review your letter dear, and also I wrote ago to you:"Roses space red, my love.Violets are blue.Sugar is sweet, my love.But luck might god bless you. "Is that your small girl?She watch a lot choose you.Someday part boy will certainly writeIn her book, too."Roses room red, my love.Violets are blue.Sugar is sweet, mine love.But not as sweet as you. "
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