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"Some male Yells at Cats" is a semi-viral video clip uploaded come Biohazard64"s Youtube web page on in march 12, 2006, under the surname "Yelling at Cats". The video consists of… specifically that: The person holding the camera is yelling at three seperate cats throughout the course of the video, screaming deragatory insults, such as "Do it, girlfriend fucking pussy!", "Get the fuck outside!", and, most noteably, "You room a fucking piece of shit! i am going to rape you!". The video clip took 4 years for the video to hold it"s 2 million+ views, possibly as result of multiple reuploads the the video clip around the moment it was originally posted, similar to amazing Horse.

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Derivitaves and Remixes

The video clip has to be remixed in and also of itself in a rather low-key fashion:

Cats also talking:

Guy Yelling at Cats: The vid you DIDN"T view 56,000+ views

Mel Gibson Rant version:

Mel Gibson Yelling At cat 34,000+ views

However, the audio itself has actually been the most remixed component of the video, being offered in other videos and also a different video entirely being subbed in because that the videos audio:

More talking Cats:

Cats Yelling in ~ Each various other 1,722,000+ views

IRL version:

Crazy mrs Yelling at she Cat (Human Version) 77,000+ views

Yelling at video clip Game:

Guy yells in ~ a video clip game 92,000+ views

Yelling in ~ Don Piano:

Guy yelling in ~ Don Piano 94,000+ views

Suicidal Version:

Yelling in ~ Suicidal world 31,000+ views

WoW version:

The male who yells at his Gnome 14,000+ views

The Lion King version:

Guy Yells in ~ His cats 15,000+ views

Sparta Remix:

"I"m Going come Rape You" Sparta Remix 11,000+ views

There is likewise a Slenderman Version, that parodies Marble Hornets. It has ammassed end 62,000 views, however, embedding has been disabled. This is a attach to the video.