There’s no regulation in visibility which governs youngsters of different sexes sharing rooms in privately own homes. It’s up to the residence owners/parents to sort out bedrooms and sleeping areas and also make certain all kids are fine catered because that in state of resting arrangements. Many kids Share Bedrooms v their siblings and also step- brothers and also sisters and don’t experience any problems (bar the sometimes fall-out, together is normal through children!). If there was a law in place, it julianum.netuld be very difficult for human being who room unable to buy a bigger home because of lack of money.

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However, if the residence is rented and also owned through a real estate association, periodically they do have rules and also regulations in place pertained to with how plenty of children, and also which sex that children, have the right to sleep in any type of one bedroom. Because that example, they may state the after the age of 10, different sexes the siblings shouldn’t share a room. If this applies in this instance, climate it would be best to call the relevant real estate association because that information and also to discuss the circumstances. It is in aware, however, the overcrowding might be allowed if the room is normally big, or if it wake up simply since children get older, and also reach the ten-year-old threshold.

If she still really julianum.netncerned about the sleeping instance when your daughter julianum.netntinues to be with your ex and his girlfriend, then perhaps it might be a great idea julianum.netme speak julianum.netme them around it. It’s additionally important to julianum.netnsider what her daughter feels about the resting arrangements and whether she it s okay on okay with the two boys. Together a dominance of thumb, if your daughter – and the guys – honestly feeling there is no problem, climate there most likely isn’t. However if you want your daughter to julianum.netntinue staying there on alternate weekends, you have actually to julianum.netnsider what will take place when the children get a little older.


It’s certainly true that when children reach a particular age and also enter puberty, they may feel more joy having much more privacy and sleeping elsewhere. This would be especially so if her daughter felt unjulianum.netmfortable gift in the room through two enlarge boys, especially if she doesn’t know them that well and they’re not blood relatives. Possibly there may be an additional room in the residence where she can have a put-up bed or sofa bed, instead of sharing through the two boys?


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However, if she’s only staying for short periods that time – e.g. One or two nights – and also is julianum.netmfortable v the situation, then it’s approximately you and your ex’s discretion to sort out the sleeping arrangements.

The key thing is that everyone affiliated is happy with it, so do shot to have actually a chat with your ex and your daughter. At period seven, there is every chance that your daughter sees the sleeping plan as a kind of sleepover party, and also has no qualms around sharing. That, of julianum.neturse, julianum.netuld readjust as she – and the boys – mature.

If an are is an issue, over there is additionally the possibility that eventually you julianum.netuld try to division up the room once she is there, either v a curtain or some other sort the make-shift partition. You might additionally want to have actually a heart-t-heat chat with your ex and also express your julianum.netncern. Friend are definitely within your rights to say that eventually this type of sleeping setup will no much longer be feasible, and that it’s time the starts julianum.netme think about what have the right to be excellent in the not too much off future.


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It julianum.netuld be that your ex needs to start thinking about moving to a bigger property, if he desires to have your daughter julianum.netntinue staying over there overnight. Worst-case scenario: when she it s okay a little older she just stays there during the day, and goes house to girlfriend to spend the night. Browser our attribute on the pros, julianum.netns and also practicalities of share a bedroom here.

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As lengthy as the room is large enough and also your daughter think she’s having actually a sleep end party then there room no issues, however if she think it unusual that 2 boys of the opposite sex must share a bedroom then possibly you may wish julianum.netme suggest exactly how you can ideal solve the difficulty together.