Our reference istobring «arctic quality» apparel that will fit into alayered clothes scheme. Because that example, packing «arctic quality», light-weight long-sleeve t-shirts, turtlenecks, and also awater-proof shell isbetter than packing five big, cotton sweaters and also two substantial «winter-down» coats. 3 tofive pairs ofactive-wear pants, and then apair ofwaterproof pants such asski orsnowboard pants, i beg your pardon isdesigned torespond totemperatures variations, ismuch much better than seven pairs ofjeans.

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store inmind the you might experience anything indigenous t-shirt weather toarctic, sub-zero snow-squalls (ifyou space lucky), so, every day’s temperature might change quickly without any type of time because that you tochange her clothes— layers space essential. Ofcourse, her dinner clothes are her decision. Please review the following short article designed togive you anunderstanding ofhow todress. The tips and also Packing List, below, will certainly act asaguide inthe packing process.


Why being layered issoimportant?

Temperatures may bewarmer inthe day 보다 you expect, i beg your pardon will cause you tosweat. Her sweat will certainly make for acold feeling and once you gain wet, your body will lose its natural temperature atahigher rate than before. Ifyou are dressed appropriately, you can remove alight-weight layer and carry itwith you. Second, your body works tough due the climate. The cold weather, snow, and also natural adjustment ofyour body need asignificant calculation ofphysical energy other than simply walking. You will want tobeable totake off and put onlayers asneeded. Itcan’t bestated sufficient here; layers are the crucial tocomfort inaPolar climate.

Being waterproof isalso essential.

back summer temperatures are usually mild, you have to expect wind, clouds, and also precipitation. Itisalso possible that water will spray uponpassengers during Zodiac cruising. Wecan say with certainty that ifyour clothes are not waterproof onthe external layer, friend will gain cold. Inthis regard, werecommend being mindful ofhaving waterproof shoes aswell. Trustus, having actually awater-proofed external layer can make orbreak your travel experience.

Beware oftight garments that no let her body «breathe».

part ofbeing insulated isasystem ofletting the natural heat air ofyour human body counteract the cold air you encounter. Ifyour apparel are too tight, and don’t enable for insulation, friend can obtain cold easily. Also, mental that noodle isn’t yes, really aninsulator. So, werecommend more contemporary arctic draft clothing.

Finally, remember the «wind-chill factor» and also plan accordingly.

Astiff wind onapolar plain can sweep away any kind of generated body warm inasecond, and it’s vital that your apparel are windproof. Agood, heat wind-proofed covering will store your chilled toaminimum, somake sure any shell you lug isinsulated, water- and windproof.


Expedition Clothes

Parka (usually detailed byOperator). You should look for alightweight, wind and also weather-resistant shell with insulation. Bright colour are an ext visible, and safer inpolar environments. Traditionally, Polar travelers wear red.

Warm trousers. Ski trousers are an ideal ifyou have actually them. Otherwise, bring any sturdy pants that can belayered between your lengthy underwear and also rain over-trousers.

Waterproof trousers (trousers).This isprobably the many important garments you deserve to pack for atrip. Аpair ofwater-resistant «rain-pants» make ofcoated nylon space essential. These room worn like shell for your legs. Look because that Gore-Tex and also other artificial fabrics that are waterproof and «breathable». These products keep out wind and also water without trapping excess heat.Due to ecological reasons, that is strongly recommended to carry waterproof trousers v no Velcro in ~ the ankle and backpacks with no mesh.

Thermal underwear. you should pick medium tothick heat underwear; lengthy sleeve thermal top, trousers and also socks. Most civilization prefer alightweight version— yet this counts onyour personal thermostat. Polypropylene fibres room warmer when damp orwet, than silk orwool, although the CSIRO has actually recently arisen afine wool product called Sportwool.

Sweaters orpolar fleece jacket. structure sweaters orapolar fleece jacket ofmedium weight are recommended.

dress incomfortable, loose layers. Itisfar much better towear great ofrelatively light, loosened clothing than one thick, heavy item. Between each layer there isinsular air that, once heated byyour body, acts asanatural insulator. Itwill also enable you tokeep from overheating.

Body warm ismost likely tobelost indigenous hands and feet. Keep them warm and dry.


Onboard Clothes

Turtlenecks ort-shirts.Bring several useful turtlenecks ort-shirts for layering and use around the ship.

Ship Attire. dress onthe ship isinformal. Clothes onboard isusually jeans, corduroys, casual slacks ortrousers, lengthy sleeve shirts ort-shirts, fleece and also aparka inhand throughout the day. Cruise wear must belightweight and also easy tocare for.

slightly dressier attire, together assports coat orblazer and collared shirt for men, and equivalent because that women, isappropriate for the Captain’s dinner.

Dressing because that Gateway Cities

don’t forget this important aspect ofyour trip— your personal style isour finest advice.

Hats and also Gloves

Mittens and also under-gloves. maintaining your hand warm and also dry isanimportant challenge. Thin polypropylene gloves should beworn underneath warmth mittens soyou deserve to take off her mittens tooperate your camera and maintain part level ofprotection against the cold. These have to beloose sufficient topermit great blood circulation. The agood idea tobring anextra pair ofwool mittens towear ifyour other pair it s okay wet orlost.

Woolen lid orfleece cap. Awarm cap toprotect your ears.

Scarf. Awarm scarf can aid you toprotect her neck.


modern-day «arctic design» clothes isbest— Polar fleece isagood example. Also, wool and also silk space superior tocotton due to the fact that they trap warm air. Once damp orwet, polyester isabetter insulator 보다 goose orduck down.

Ifthe remainder ofyour human body iscovered, asmuch as30% ofthe warmth you shed will come from her head; besure towear acap.

Expedition Footwear

Warm socks. Sturdy, tall wool (orother thick material) socks have to beworn end athin pair ofsilk, polypropylene orcotton/wool socks which provide enough insulation for your feet. Carry several pairs ofouter socks, asyour feet will certainly inevitably obtain wet.

Insoles because that gumboots. they will save your feet warmer once sitting inthe Zodiac for lengthy periods.

Rubber boots (usually provided byOperator, please check atthe time ofbooking). Apair ofpull-on rubber, unlined and fully waterproof boots that are mid calf orhigher (12-16″, 31-41cm high) v astrong, ridged non-skid sole isessential for landings. You may have tostep native the Zodiac into icy water upto10″ (25cm) high onsome landings. Also, expect negative footing onthe ice and ashore. Donot bring heavy, cumbersome boots the make itdifficult towalk. Boots with waffle soles favor those onahiking boots orrunning shoe tend togive the best footing. Appropriate boots room «Wellies» or«Viking» boots. Remember that you will bewearing this boots alot. Sothey have to becomfortable for prolonged wear and also walking. The boots must not betoo chop ortoo sloppy. Ifthey room too tight you will acquire cold feet.

because that maximum warmth, wear loose-fitting boots and two pairs ofsocks. Shot out her boots before the voyage.

Onboard Footwear

Lightweight wade shoes/boots room comfortable and also some people like totake lock ashore.



Backpack. Awaterproof nylon backpack, rucksack, orsimilar bag for transporting your camera and also other gear. Make certain your primary shore-landing bag has actually shoulder straps sothat your hands room free, as soon as boarding the Zodiac. Itisvery necessary that you have some way tokeep your camera dry, specifically while you are onthe Zodiacs.

The use of Zip lock plastic bags to keep cameras and electronic devices dry is discouraged for environmental reasons, and is prohibited when ashore on southern Georgia. Invest in a waterproof camera bag or rucksack for her valuables once going ashore.

Sunglasses. High quality sunglasses with U.V. Filter room recommended even oncloudy days, asthe U.V. Mirrors powerfully, also when you don’t expectit. Wedonot require «glacier glasses»; your normal sunglasses will certainly suffice, however polarized sunglasses are many effective. Tinted ski/snowboard goggles are also beuseful ifconditions are windy, snowy, etc.

Sun-block lotion. safety sun-block odor for her lips, hands and face. The reflect glare indigenous water, snow and ice deserve to beintense and also will burn the skin ofpassengers incertain conditions. Inany regard, itishighly recommended.

Camera, battery charger. Itisadvisable tobring anextra camera incase ofmalfunction oraccident.

Extra pair ofprescription glasses. Extra pair ofprescription glasses.

Bathing suit. for hotels, aboard part ships and also (just maybe) apolar plunge.

Medicines. Prescription medicines and also other remedies together asseasickness medication. Beprepared for rough water— also, please carry asigned and also dated letter native your physician stating any type of health problems and also dosage ofmedications, for emergency use.

Binoculars. Apair ofbinoculars because that spotting whales and seabirds native deck ishighly recommended.

Earplugs. Earplugs might beuseful ifyou are sharing acabin v asnorer.

stop overdressing and also reduce perspiration.

stay water repellent external layers the will save you dry onthe outside and also still may be to«breathe» sufficient that moisture from your body can escape

Mittens are much better than gloves.

application for polar travelers.

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Before the trip you can download the freeiOSandAndroidapp -Polar Guide: Antarctica -designed forthose with an attention in the white continent. The tool is a helpful resource for anyone keen come learn an ext about Antarctica. It makes quick and easy accessibility to necessary informationfor users on-the-go in the field, without the need for a call signal. The application offers guidelines because that wildlife watching, visiting specific sites, gift a responsible Antarctic visitor.