The shortest sentence in the English language is "To be." A sentence must have a subject and a predicate in order come be considered a finish sentence.

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Okay, I"ll change my price to:Contrary come what you might have uncovered doing an web search, the shortest English language sentence is no “I am.” Follow follow me now—it does obtain technical.“I am,” first of all, is not a sentence. An English sentence must have a topic / predicate relationship, and the crucial element in that relationship is the type of verb that creates the predicate. Verb either show activity or they execute not. Verb without action, such together “am,” when offered as a predicate, must have actually something to complete the meaning—a complement. So you “am” “something.” “I am happy” is a sentence since “happy” is fulfilling the match role. Therefore, “I am” is no a sentence.The shortest English sentence is more than likely “Go.” “Go” is an action verb and can be used in command mood, which means that it can be used with good, old “You Understood.” therefore “Go” actually method “You go.” top top the other hand, if that translate doesn’t strike your fancy, stop say that construed meanings room disallowed, climate “I go” is the shortest sentence. “Go” doesn’t need a complement because it is an action verb no one does it need a straight object. With a total of 3 letters—the very same number together the illegal “I am” contender—“I go” have to reign as the champion, unless someone the end there knows of a solitary letter verb. (No fair pulling in Old English and also foreign languages.)---Submitted for your Approval---By her Humble Servant---Bob “I have the right to Parse” no much longer exists
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Sorry, but "Go" is not the very same as "You go". "Go" by chin is an imperative and doesn"t need a pronoun. The topic is implicit in the verb, just as "Ethelbert Crum" is latent in "I am" as the answer to "Are friend Ethelbert Crum?" "Go" carries the implication the the speak expects the human addressed ("you") to execute something, but that is in the meaning NOT in the native used, and also the word offered "Go" (Usually through an exclamation mark) is by chin the imperative of "to go". "You go" tote a different implication, and also may be emphasize on the "you" to suggest that the human being addressed is come go rather than the speak or a third person previously referred to. "Go!" is no referrential to any other opportunity of who is to go. I will admit the there is an implication in "I am." The implicitly is that ns am everything the previous speaker has declared me to be, or queried if i am. "I go" also carries one implication and a referral to other things, together does "Go!". "To go" is one intransitive verb, yet there must be a location to go to, or a way of going together implicit in the statement together what it is that ns am. DOn"t forget the the verb "to be" doesn"t yes, really take an object, as both sides have to balance. "I to be happy" is as illegal (to usage the term indigenous Bob Harrison - anyone he might be) ad "I am". "I am happy" in that method of spring at things really need to be "I am a happy person" (or elephant or whatever the speaker wake up to be). But that"s not the method English works. There"s quiet too lot use the Latin-type grammar, a lot of (two words) of i m sorry is inapplicable come a language as mixed in origin as English.

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Although "I am" is regularly given together a response, there is some disagreement as to whether or no it works as a sentence. Yet even if the did "Go", which has actually an implied topic (you), is shorter.
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GoThe common answer come this is "I am," however some argue that it"s not a finish sentence. However, if someone asked a man named Rupert if he to be Rupert, he could reply, "I am" and also it would make a complete sentence in mine book.But that"s not the entirety answer. There is one even much shorter sentence using an imperative with an implied topic (how"s the for an English terminology-filled sentence?) with "Go," the "you" is implied. Because that example, if your wife wanted you come go with her to pick up some donuts and also you to be busy, she can say, "I really want to acquire some donuts, I"m starving!" and you might reply, "Go!"
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