Here’s something of absolute no repercussion that I’m however quite intrigued by. I know I have actually a many readers who space airline/plane nerds, so off the peak of your head, think around what girlfriend think the shortest transatlantic flight is.

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You deserve to let me know below if the course that concerned your mind is correct or not.

How execute you specify a transatlantic flight?

I think the first difficulty in deciding top top the shortest transatlantic flight is deciding what precisely constitutes a transatlantic flight. Ns mean, the meaning — “crossing the Atlantic” — is noticeable enough.

But how do you specify that? Is a trip from the us to Iceland transatlantic? What about a trip from the us to the Azores? Personally i don’t check out either the those routes as gift transatlantic, though i think someone else could reasonably disagree through me.

Meanwhile I’d to speak a trip that it s okay close to the coastline of a continent — say within a couple of hundred mile — is transatlantic. Others can definitely disagree with me, for this reason I’m prefacing the listed below route with a warning that civilization can reasonably disagree v me.

Some that the shortest transatlantic flights

When ns think of short transatlantic flights, the first route that comes to mind is new York come London. It’s absolutely not the shortest, however it’s the transatlantic course I many associate through not gift able to get sufficient sleep as result of how short it is. That trip covers a street of about 3,500 miles.


There room plenty of paths that shorter, and also arguably waiting Canada’s flight from St. John’s, Newfoundland, come London, England, is the shortest. That flight covers a street of just about 2,300 miles, therefore it’s much shorter than countless transcons.


Is there actually a much shorter flight, though?

That can not actually be the shortest transatlantic flight. Cabo Verde airline operates a couple of flights that could be contenders as well.

They fly as soon as weekly in between Sal, Cape Verde, and Recife, Brazil. This trip covers a distance of just under 1,900 miles, and is clogged at four hours.


But there’s an even shorter one. They also fly twice weekly in between Sal, Cape Verde, and also Fortaleza, Brazil, which covers a street of just under 1,800 miles.


Cape Verde is just a few hundred miles off the shore of Senegal, so personally I’d think about it close enough to gift on one side of the Atlantic because that the objectives of calling a trip transatlantic. Others may disagree, though.

Bottom line

Unless I’m absent something, St John’s to London is the shortest “traditional” transatlantic flight, together it frequently takes 4-5 hours.

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However, numerous would controversy that part flights come & from Cape Verde are much shorter transatlantic flights, though that comes down to even if it is or no you think Cape Verde is close sufficient to the afri continent because that the path to be considered transatlantic.

Does anyone understand of any shorter transatlantic flights? do you think about Sal to Recife to it is in a transatlantic flight?