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Who is Tybalt Capulet?

Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin, and he is the personification of dislike in the an initial half the Romeo and also Juliet. He is likewise the catalyst for the difficulties that blight our protagonists in the 2nd half.

Although no physically in the play for long, his influence is extensive and also he is one omnipresent reminder that the feud in between the 2 families.

“What, drawn, and talk the peace? I hate the word, as I dislike hell, all Montagues, and also thee.”

Act 1, step 1, currently 56-7

Tybalt arrives into the play v a bang and his words to Benvolio cement his condition as the bringer the hate.

In Baz Luhrmann’s film of Romeo and Juliet that is compliment by a glimpse that a sign reading ‘Add more Fuel to your Fire’. The is a neat review of his duty in the play, to include fuel to the feud, and terrific quote for any kind of GCSE student’s armoury.

“Now by the stock and also honour of my kin, to strike him dead I host it no a sin.”

Act 1, step 5, currently 55-6

When Tybalt sees the Romeo has gate-crashed the Capulet Ball, his very first instinct is to want him dead because that the intrusion ~ above Capulet territory. Although the is stopped from striking, the is this intrusion that makes Tybalt difficulty Romeo to a duel.

“Tybalt: It fits as soon as such a rogue is a guest. I’ll no endure him.Lord Capulet: the shall be endured.

Act 1, step 5, present 72-3

Tybalt informs his uncle the Romeo is in ~ the party and also he desire to take activity against him and is shot down by a lord Capulet that is, perhaps, mindful of the warning issued come the families previously that day that further fighting would result in executions.

Capulet additionally twice refers to Tybalt together ‘boy’ throughout his responses, plainly demeaning nomenclature because that the fiery Tybalt. Walk this goad him additional into search revenge? has actually Romeo inadvertently propelled Tybalt’s anger further?

“I will withdraw, yet this intrusion shall currently seeming sweet convert to bitterness gall.”

Act 1, scene 5, currently 88-9

Out of listening of his uncle, Tybalt here swears the he will take revenge ~ above Romeo later, a decision the will lead to his own death and also that that Mercutio, and also the separation the the lovers that ultimately leads come their dual suicide.

The lines straight precede the well known shared sonnet that Romeo and Juliet’s an initial meeting. That is a bitter reminder the the hate of their households is never much away from the 2 lovers.

“Mercutio, thou consort’st v Romeo”

Act 3, scene 1, heat 38

There has actually been lot debate about what Tybalt way by this line but, everything it is, it provides Mercutio an extremely angry.

Some commentators believe that the is a jibe around social status, and also that Mercutio’s answer “What, dost thou make us minstrels the us?” is anger the Tybalt is introduce to them together low-paid musicians however there is one more school of thought that suggests that there is one implication that homosexuality about the accusation and that minstrels is likewise a reference to homosexuals.

Whatever he way by it, the comment stirs increase the atmosphere of confrontation and also precipitates the fateful killing of Mercutio and also its repercussions.

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Helen Mears is an English teacher who sits top top the education and learning committee that the british Shakespeare Association.