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Hello.I to be a newbie and also have mine grandmother"s Remington eight 22 short, long, or lengthy rifle. I think it is a model 12A Slide activity Rimfire. The serial number is RW 158349, the Pedersen"s Patent dates are 1909-1912, and the soft butt plate says Remington UMC.Can anyone help me number out the day of manufacture?Also, over there is a very little marking on one next that appears to it is in "2" or "5" or "S". Go anyone recognize which the is and what the noting means?

I can not link it from work however if you search "remington 12a serial number " a link to remingtons archives come up . You have the right to research that from there .

Introduction Year: 1909 Year Discontinued: 1936If ns am obtaining it right, the RW in her serial number way it was made in November, 1928.

Also, over there is a very tiny marking on one side that shows up to be "2" or "5" or "S". Walk anyone know which it is and also what the marking means?
... If you find "remington 12a serial numbers " a connect to remingtons archives come up . You can research it from there .
Thank you. Your pointer led me come serial number information for Remington guns manufactured after ~ 1921. This to be helpful because I now know that my grandmother"s Remington is pre-1921.So my brand-new question is this:How execute I determine the manufacture day of a pre-1921 Remington 12A v serial number RW 158349?Can anyone point me in the best direction?
Introduction Year:
1909 Year Discontinued: 1936If ns am getting it right, the RW in her serial number method it was made in November, 1928.Remington days of Manufacture
My grandmother"s rifle does no seem come fit the criteria for rifles made after 1921. For one thing, the RW is top top the bottom that the barrel, not the top.Therefore, ns am beginning to wonder if the "RW" merely stands for "Remington Works", which is included in the details stamped ~ above the height of the barrel.

Glory: Sir, examine hereRemington society of America - questions/barrelcodes
Thank you. However, the Barrel Code ar Diagram in ~ this website bears no same to mine grandmother"s Remington. Therefore, i think she Remington have to be pre-1921. Furthermore, ns think the RW on mine grandmother"s Remington should be a coincidence and also that it means Remington Works rather of being a date code.Someone you re welcome correct me if I"m wrong.Does anyone recognize if it is possible to day a pre-1921 Remington based upon the serial number?
From what I"ve heard, Remington didn"t start keeping serial number records before 1921, for this reason answer is more than likely no.
Still, it reminds me when I was living in a townhouse in Alexandria. The old lady following door knocked on my door one day and also said she recorded her grandson, who was living through here, hiding 2 rifles in his room. She want NO weapons at she house, therefore she asked me and also my roommate if we wanted them. They to be both .22"s. Mine roommate, because he actually owned the townhouse got very first choice. Therefore he chose like a modern-day day Marlin 60 semi-auto .22 LR. Ns was left through the 2nd one, a Colt Lightning in .22 long. (Not .22 lr)Stupid room mate, I later sold the Colt for big bucks. It was made in 1917 through researching the serial number. Ns think that was free back then, now I think Colt dues you come look increase a serial number.
Glory: Sir, another visitModel 12 - ForumsIn 1911 the finish serial number to be 104041, in 1912 the finish serial number was 166538. From john & Roys Remington Rimfire book.
Model 12 - ForumsIn 1911 the finish serial number to be 104041, in 1912 the finish serial number was 166538. From john & Roys Remington Rimfire book.
I have actually a take down (lever top top right), trapdoor (breach lock lever) Remington 22 rifle v the serial number J227904 under the barrel front of the fore stock. It has a 22 stamp and also a P note there also. What form of 22 ring fits it?When is the production date?Please and also thank you!
Bannick, i can"t answer you, however there room folks below who can. Possibly you should post your inquiry as a new topic. Ns don"t think your question is likely to be viewed by the civilization who have the right to help. Also, a few photographs are an amazing assist to proper identification.

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