You pass the final exam!You acquired 25 concerns correct.Review the correct Answers1. Diamond lanes, with the exemption ofmotorcycles and particular hybridvehicles in California, are scheduled for vehicles with:A. ChildrenB. The elderlyCorrectC. 2 or an ext peopleD. 4 or an ext people2. ________ describes speeding there is no realizingit.A. Highway hypnosisCorrectB. VelocitationC. Road rageD. Inertia3. A _______ limit uses when traveling nearschool zones.A. 10 mphB. 20 mphCorrectC. 25 mphD. 35 mph4. What kinds of drugs have the right to potentially an outcome ina driver being chargedwith a DUI?A. NarcoticsB. StimulantsC. DepressantsCorrectD. All of the above5. According to the simple Speed Law, ifconditions do it unsafe tofollow posted rate limits, girlfriend should:CorrectA. Reduce your speed to less than the maximumposted speed limitB. Keep your rate as nearby as possible tothe preferably postedspeed limitC. Rise your speed to an ext than the maximumposted speed limitD. Boost your rate to an ext than the minimumposted speed limit6. TRUE or FALSE? the is illegal to cave itemsfrom the rear-view mirrorif they have the right to potentially block your check out of the environment.CorrectA. TrueB. False7. If you view someone control the wrong method on aone-way street, youshould:A. Flash her lights in ~ themB. Honk her horn in ~ themC. Slow down and also be ready to stop or pull end tothe side to avoidhitting the wrong-way driverCorrectD. All of the above8. Headlights have to be switched ~ above by legislation nolater than:A. 9:00 p.m.B. SunsetC. DuskCorrectD. 30 minute after sunset9. A motorist is guilty of ____________ whenhe/she operates a motorvehicle in a path which intimidates or is most likely to endangerpersons orproperty.A. Protective drivingCorrectB. Aggressive drivingC. Road rageD. No one of the above10. TRUE or FALSE? You might pass top top a two-way roadthat is marked with abroken yellow line.CorrectA. TrueB. False11. TRUE or FALSE? You need to activate your turnsignal at the very least 5seconds prior to passing on freeways.CorrectA. TrueB. False12. _______ paint on a curb enables you to stoplong sufficient to fill andunload passengers or objects.A. WhiteCorrectB. YellowC. GreenD. Blue13. If one of your front tires blows out, youshould:A. Interact your emergency brakeCorrectB. Hold the steering wheel steady on a straightcourseC. Carry your car to an prompt stopD. Shift to neutral14. If your accelerator gets stuck, youshould:A. Revolve your wheel high solution to the right and also allowyour automobile toskid come a stopCorrectB. Shift into neutralC. Usage your emergency brakeD. Pump the accelerator15. As soon as exiting the freeway on an off-ramp witha posted rate limit,you should:A. Autumn your rate to fifty percent of the rate limit atwhich your auto wastraveling top top the freeway immediatelyB. Increase your speedCorrectC. Progressively slow your speed to the posted speedlimitD. Continue at your existing speed due to the fact that driversexiting a freewayhave the right-of-way16. To stop collisions as soon as making a right turn,you must __________A. Drive together close together is helpful to the rightedge that the roadwayB. Signal around 100 feet prior to the turnC. Reduce your price of speedCorrectD. Every one of the above17. TRUE or FALSE? talk on a hands-free phoneis taken into consideration adangerous driver distraction.CorrectA. TrueB. False18. I beg your pardon of the following visual actions can helpreduce the chances ofa collision?A. Performing a head check prior to moving intoanother laneB. Looking straight for oncoming traffic andpedestrians once turningright top top a red light, quite than just using peripheralvisionC. Wearing prescription lenses or glasses if youreyes require them tosee clearlyCorrectD. All of the above19. Pedestrians space not allowed to to walk on________________ unlessthere is a sidewalk an ext than 3 feet vast and signspermittingpedestrian access.CorrectA. Toll bridges or highway crossingsB. Freeways or park sidewalksC. Railroad tracks or crosswalksD. None of the above20. Text massage while control in California is___________.CorrectA. Illegal for all driversB. Illegal, however only for chauffeurs under 18C. Illegal, yet only for drivers under 21D. Legal for every drivers, yet STRONGLYdiscouraged21. If an furious driver is complying with you top top thefreeway and also you areconcerned for your safety, friend should:CorrectA. Obtain off at the following exit and also go to a safeplace, like apolice station, if they room still complying with youB. Open your home window and shot to talk to themC. Pull end to the next of the road and also settlethe disputeD. Shot to escape by accelerating ahead ofthem22. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is a allowed use ofyour horn?CorrectA. Girlfriend reasonably think safety would certainly becompromised withoutsounding the hornB. An additional driver honked at you because that no apparentreasonC. You check out a girlfriend driving byD. You are picking who up at their home andwant them to comeoutside23. You may drive to the left that a damaged yellowline when:A. Overtaking a car when that is safe to dosoB. Transforming left into a drivewayC. Turning left right into a side roadCorrectD. Every one of the above24. High beams should be used instead of lowbeams in i m sorry of thefollowing circumstances?A. Once driving in crowded city roadways atnightCorrectB. When driving in poorly lit areas, such together opencountrysideat nightC. Once you want to give other motorists amessageD. When exiting and entering freeway rampsonly25. Where are you NOT permitted to make aU-turn?A. In prior of fire stationsB. A lane various other than the an extremely left-hand roadway atcontrolledintersectionsC.

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One-way streetsCorrectD. All of the above