Used, impolitely, to show that the human addressed will need to accept a details situation, even if it is unwelcome.

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Examples that this expression crop up from the beforehand 19th century and also are presumed to have from the id that pipe-smoking is a an excellent aid come thought. for example: In The Pickwick records (1836), Dickens uses the expression in an incomplete form, indicating that it"s most likely the phrase was sufficiently famed not to have to be spelled out in full: "Come along, then," stated he of the eco-friendly coat, lugging Mr. Pickwick after that by main force, and talking the totality way. Here, No. 924, take her fare, and also take yourself off — respectable gentleman — know that well — none of your nonsense — this way, sir — where"s her friends? — all a mistake, i see — never mind — accidents will happen — best regulated families — never say die — under upon her luck — Pull that UP — Put that in his pipe — like the flavour — damned rascals." and with a lengthened wire of comparable broken sentences, yielded with extraordinary volubility, the stranger led the way to the traveller"s waiting-room, whither that was very closely followed through Mr. Pickwick and also his disciples. The Pickwick records (1836), chapter 2 In 1837, the expression is provided to great effect in The put of St. Odille from The Ingoldsby Legends. This is a repertoire of myths, legends, ghost stories and poetry purportedly written by cutting board Ingoldsby that Tappington Manor (a pseudonym the Richard Harris Barham.) The legends were an initial serialized in the newspaper Bentley"s Miscellany and later in brand-new Monthly Magazine.

“Come, make yourselves scarce! – that is useless come stay,You will get nothing below by a much longer delay;‘Quick! Presto! Begone!’ together the conjurors say,For, regarding the Lady, i have stowed her awayIn this hill, in a stratum that London blue clay;And i shan’t, I assure you, restore her to-dayTill you faithfully promise no more to say ‘Nay,’But declare, ‘If she will be a nun, why she may.’For this did you do it my work, and also I never ever yet damaged it,So placed that in your pipe, my mr Otto, and also smoke it! - One hint to her vassals; - a month in ~ the ‘Mill’Shall be nuts to what they’ll acquire who concern Odille!”

The lay of St Odille, The Ingoldsby Legends (~1837)

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