Megan Fox has actually come a long way since appearing as "Prudence" in season 1 of Two and a fifty percent Men. The sitcom was among Fox"s very first roles in she late teens, and also she quickly began to land remarkable parts in the years that followed. Let"s revisit her episode on Two and a fifty percent Men and see what Megan Fox is as much as in 2021! 

Megan Fox conveniently rose come A-list stardom in the 2000s, but Two and a half Men fans in reality knew her before most — as "Prudence," the nephew of "Berta" (Conchata Ferrell) in season 1.

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"Prudence" only showed up in one episode, but she did leave an impression. Fox, who was 17 as soon as the illustration aired in 2004, played 16-year-old "Prudence," whose attractiveness causes problems in the "Harper" household. By the finish of the episode, she reveals plans to elope v her boyfriend, however her mother and "Berta" catch wind the the plot and also prevent it.

Two and a half Men: Actress Megan Fox play "Prudence"

Not too long after her Two and also a fifty percent Men appearance, Fox began to soil blockbuster movie roles and become a household name. Among her breakthrough performances were in Transformers and also the 2009 fear film Jennifer"s Body.


More recently, the actress starred in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise and also played a recurring duty on the sitcom New Girl together "Reagan Lucas" in 2016-17. Let"s take a look in ~ what Megan Fox has on the walk in 2021.


Megan Fox in 2021: What she"s approximately today

Fox, who"s now 35 year old, has actually plenty of movie in the works and also appeared in numerous 2021 projects. Recently, she starred in household film Think like a Dog, and also she headlined the activity film Rogue, which had actually a digital relax in august 2020.


What"s more, Fox is already signed on because that upcoming titles consisting of Big yellow Brick, Naya Legend the the golden Dolphins, and also Midnight in the Switchgrass.

Otherwise, the actress has remained in the news in 2020 for separating from she husband of virtually a decade, Brian Austin Green. Soon after, she and rapper device Gun Kelly confirmed their relationship. Fox also shares three kids with Green.

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For Megan Fox, "Prudence" on Two and a fifty percent Men might now lengthy be in the rearview mirror, however fans tho remember few of her earliest functions to this day. Watch for Fox in Rogue, maker Gun Kelly music videos such as "Bloody Valentine" and more moving forward.