Sherrie Swafford is right now an esthetician and a yoga teacher, who ended up being famous because of the human being she was dating. Her friend Steve Perry is one all-time singer and songwriter loved and adored by his fans almost everywhere the joined states and beyond.

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The two formed a really beautiful couple and she was thought to it is in the love that his life. Unfortunately, the partnership did not end up in marriage.

After it came to an end, Steve Perry has remained unmarried. There have been rumors linking him to various other women in the past, however his love life has ongoing to remain a mystery since parting methods with the love the his life.

Sherrie, on her part, hasn’t to be so much in the public eye due to the fact that the relationship finished in the 1980s. However, due to the fact that of the stamin of your relationship, her surname is tho around.

Facts you Didn’t Know around Sherrie Swafford

Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry (Image Source)

1. That is Sherrie Swafford?

Before she met Perry, the life of Sherrie was covert almost completely from the general public domain. A blue-eyed blonde, she was born in the United claims of America, i beg your pardon is also where she was brought up and had she education.

Unfortunately, most other personal details about her consisting of her family members life and also childhood, remain pretty lot unknown.

Her life in windy light started when she began dating Perry, a singer who was in ~ the time, cultivation pretty fast in the business. She obtained to appear in some of his music videos while she is likewise the catalyst behind others.

2. They began in a partnership in the early on 1980s

The love story between the two started ago in the early 1980s. Return it has not been comprehensive how castle met, the is known that the 2 were especially close and also as the would later reveal, they were crazy in love, but even the did no sustain them.

3. Sherrie Swafford and also Steve Perry parted ways after six years the dating

Sherrie Swafford and also Perry finished their relationship after dating for six years in 1986. Though not all their problems were stated to the media, one of the recognized facts was the the stress and also pressure of being in a tape that had actually to tour about the country put a strain on your relationship, and also as though the wasn’t enough Steve lost his mother and also in his moments of grieve every little thing got worse for this reason the two chose to go their separate means in 1985.

4. Sherrie Swafford has remained unmarried

Decades after your break increase Sherrie Swafford go on to live her life quietly away native the prying eyes of the media. She has never been married and whether she is at this time in a connection or not, it’s not currently known but one can guess she must be dating privately.

According come her, she has continued to give her love to she animals and also spend her time planting flowers and also on she life. An ext so, she cherishes her privacy and also her friends among whom is her former lover, Steve Perry.

5. Steve Perry has likewise never walked down the aisle

Steve Perry and Kellie Nash (Image Source)

Sherrie’s ex-boyfriend Steve never acquired married, he declared in part interviews that he saw and witnessed what his parents went through and eventually your painful divorce.

He also went ~ above to mention that that saw how his fellow bandmates lost half of whatever they ever worked because that in a divorce settlement and also all these make him scared and also so he runs away from marriage.

Though the didn’t get married, the dated various other women and one that is worthy that being stated is Kellie Nash for she had a good impact ~ above his life.

He met Kellie a physician of Psychology and also Cancer survivor while working on a task through his girlfriend Patty Jenkins. While functioning together, the two dropped in love and also started dating.

While they to be dating, Kellie called him that her Cancer might be back and the she probably does not have long to live however Steve couldn’t permit her go so they continued seeing each other and also after a year and fifty percent of dating, her an illness came earlier and she died in December 2014.

Before she died, she make Steve promise not to go ago into his shell but to continue to go after his music like he used to do for that hadn’t perform on stage for nearly 20 years.

Steve kept his promise and also started to write and produce song again in honor of her and the memories castle shared. He claimed in an interview the he actually assumed their love can heal her and also cure the Cancer.

6. Sherrie motivated one that Perry’s songs

At the time the two were dating and still really much in love he tape-recorded a tune tilled Oh Sherrie! devoted to her and even had actually her show up in the music video.

The song showed up in Perry’s an initial solo album Street Talk which he exit in 1984. Interestingly, the song became the best hit of the album.

7. Swafford has never had any type of child

Sherrie Swafford has now progressed beyond 60 years, yet just as she has never been married, she does no have any kind of children however she has specialized her love and also time to countless pets she adopted for she loves them for this reason dearly.

On the other hand, her former boyfriend, Steve Perry, has a child, a daughter, Shamila Perry that was stated to be birthed to him indigenous a vault relationship before he came to be famous in his 20s.

Rumors have actually it that he didn’t recognize he had a daughter at an early stage enough and also the 2 did not have a connection until she was a teenager. She has two grandkids for him.

8. What is the network worth that Sherrie Swafford?

Sherrie’s net worth is estimated at around $100, for she functions as a yoga instructor and also an aesthetician, and also a skin beauty beauty therapist i m sorry fetches her about $45,00 annually. Perry, ~ above his part, has a net worth that $60 million, together of march 2021 thanks to the success the his career.

9. She is no a social media person

Sherrie is a private person and so does not usage social media to showcase she beauty and also work, she likes to store her service out of the prying eyes of the public.

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10. Sherrie and Perry are still close friends

Though it didn’t work out between Sherrie and her famous ex boyfriend, they remain friends till date for Sherrie declared that friendships mean a lot to her.