NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 16: Singer/ producer mar J. Blige and also husband/ document producer Kendu Isaacs attend the 2015 Tribeca film Festival after-party for ‘Mary J. Blige: The London Sessions’ funded by American refer at empire Hotel Rooftop ~ above April 16, 2015 in brand-new York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty photos for 2015 Tribeca film Festival)

*It appears that Mary J. Blige isn’t the just woman in Kendu Isaacs’ life who can’t was standing him best now. His daughter Briana Isaacs wants you to understand that her name is likewise on the shortlist, and she’s spilling the tea regarding why.

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As girlfriend know, Blige and also Isaacs referred to as it quits last year and also a judge newly ordered she to pay HIM $30K a month in temporary spousal support. Meanwhile, Briana is pointing out that her father had actually NOTHING before marrying Mary. Blige was an upgrade, who permitted her father to pretty lot live choose a king.

Briana states Mary adjusted her life also – because that the better, together she’s still reaping the services of she dad gift married come the Queen the R&B.

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If the wasn’t for Mary, Briana would certainly not have end up being a “celebrity” ~ above this season that “Growing increase Hip Hop.” on the show, she’s described as “Mary J. Blige’s stepdaughter,” no as Kendu Isaacs’ child.

Briana make it clear on the July 28 illustration that prior to her dad hooked up v Blige, she was “eating Kraft singles and also drinking Kool-aid.”That expose came out throughout her conversation v Pepa’s (of Salt N’ Pepa) daughter and niece in ~ the ‘I Love the 90’s Tour,’ i m sorry Salt N’ Pepa to be performing at.

Briana shared with them the attending the 90’s concert brought ago horrible memories of she ‘pre-Mary J. Years,’ per ILOSM.

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“It’s a…difficult time for me, ns was really alone…I nothing wanna feel prefer that again. And I think that listening come those songs brings increase feelings that i don’t care for. <…> ns fuc**in’ HATED the 90’s! i was a latchkey kid. Before my dad met mar J. Blige, i ate Kraft singles and also drank Kool-Aid. The concert entirely triggered part PTSD that ns didn’t even know existed,” Briana said.

Meanwhile, as far as mary J. Blige is concerned. The singer just celebrated the 25th anniversary of she debut album what’s The 411?. Examine out she thoughts via Instagram:

Wow!!!! 25 years ago when i walked right into this company I had actually no idea what to be going to happen. I just know I wanted to sing. Deep in my heart ns knew I want to touch the lives of women and people. I've done the 25 years later and I'm quiet doing the by the grace and also mercy the God on a level i never also imagined. Still relevant and solid in what i do and I'm so grateful for every the world who came into my life and stayed for the difficult times, celebrations, humiliations and also triumphs. I obtained love because that you beyond what you have the right to feel. To my household who loves me no matter what and also to my fans that heard my call, heard my cry, saw me fall, saw me get ago up, saw my strength, pray because that me and fight because that me. Because that that i LOVE girlfriend so deep. Through the GRACE and also MERCY that God ns still power as QUEEN and I'm so grateful since now I know what the means. ???? #MJB25 #WhatsThe411 #StrengthOfAWoman