If you"d like to move through the many scenic parts of Arizona over the food of a couple of weeks, girlfriend should absolutely do a road trip from las Vegas to Phoenix. Any preconceived notions you can have about desert drives will certainly be completely erased as soon as you"ve extended this epic itinerary.

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The road pilgrimage from las Vegas come Phoenix deserve to be excellent in 4 and a half hours. Because that a more scenic alternative, prevent at Hoover Dam, drive the historical Route 66, admire the red rocks the Sedona, and also visit the beautiful Coconino and also Tonto national Forests.

There"s plenty to go over as soon as planning out the drive, for this reason make certain to review until the finish to obtain a feeling for just how epic this road expedition is.

How much is Phoenix from las Vegas and how long will the road pilgrimage take?

If you"re under a time constraint, you have the right to do the road trip from ras Vegas come Phoenix in simply over 4 hours with a relatively straightforward 300-mile drive. Along this much faster route, it practically doesn"t issue what time you leaving Vegas, together you can easily get come Phoenix that same day.

If you have actually a tiny bit an ext time, extend your journey by about 30 or therefore miles and dip into California along the Mojave nationwide Preserve. It"s still no what you"d speak to a scenic journey per se, however it offers some interesting choices in the Mojave Desert come shake points up a bit.

The undisputed best method to obtain to Phoenix, though, is through Flagstaff and also Sedona – it would certainly take over 6 hours to make this drive without any kind of stops, although if you take it full advantage of your proximity to cool Canyon at a particular point during the drive, you"d be looking in ~ a guarantee 2 weeks" worth of exploration.

The old Montezuma Castle nationwide Monument is one of the plenty of unique places to view along the Scenic course through Sedona.

Best time to go on a road trip from ras Vegas come Phoenix

Working the end the finest time because that a road pilgrimage from las Vegas to Phoenix can be a bit tricky. The weather in Phoenix definitely isn"t because that everyone, and if you"re taking the scenic route, you"ll need to plan about the conditions in every stopover location too.

To begin with, although ras Vegas itself is quite warm in the summer, Phoenix has actually it win – in fact, the aptly called "Valley the the Sun" is one of, if no the hottest major city in the States. V temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, the city is typically a no-go in the summer.

Most travelers choose to visit Phoenix between October/November and also April/May – ~ above a an excellent year, spring temperatures will linger in the mid 90s in ~ their very highest, and also the annual spring baseball training may be something you"d choose to inspect out.

As an included bonus, the drive should be much an ext pleasant throughout this home window of time, and also the most notable landmarks ~ above the means (Grand Canyon and also Sedona) grow in the spring and winter, greatly due to similar (although much less intense) weather peculiarities in the summer.

As far as Phoenix itself is concerned, winter could actually it is in the ideal time come visit since it much more closely each other a common early spring – daytime temperatures between December and also February top at about 70, and will an extremely seldom get any lower 보다 45 degrees.

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