Whether you are buying, selling, or gaining a loan, Pawn King looks front to doing organization with you. Every transactions room strictly confidential, and also we specialization in all items, large and small. Naught is too large or too little for our pawn shop, us pay top dollar because that anything of value. Pawn King also offers a full service jewelry store with a range of beautiful items because that sale.

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We purchase & market Guns

Come visit our Pawn Shop conveniently located off of path 3. We are now provided on


Free Quote, No Obligation

Want to sell your item? Pawn King payment the most! price quotes are rapid and totally free and come through no responsibility to sell. Take all the moment you must decide and we’ll be right here once you’re prepared to sell.

Pawn King dead a large selection jewelry, electronics, tools and also more. Visit ours pawn shop or call us today and we can help put cash in her pocket.


We Pay height Dollar

As the ideal pawn shop in Fredericksburg Virginia, us pay the most for her gold. We understand that everyone desires to know what their gold is worth and we’re happy to present you. Visit our pawn shop or contact us today and we can aid put cash in your pocket.

Free Quote, No Obligation

Curious what her gold is worth yet not ready to sell? No problem! estimates are fast and complimentary and come v no responsibility to sell. Take all the moment you must decide and also we’ll be here once you’re ready to sell.

No credit, negative credit?

Are girlfriend in the need of fast cash? have you to be turned under for a an individual loan? Pawn King deserve to help.

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Get a Hassle free Loan Today!

Pawn King provides collateral-based loans. These loans is secured by something of value. Lug in something you own, and also if we are interested, we will offer you a hassle cost-free loan. Friend will receive a pawn ticket. Don’t lose this! Not just is it the receipt for your item, but it additionally summarizes the terms of your pawn loan: fees, expiration date, description of your item, etc.

Pawn Loan Advantage

Cash In 5 MinutesNo credit CheckBased on value of ItemUNLIMITED LoansUNLIMITED Loan Renewals
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