Santa Dollars are actual United claims currency. These distinct treasury notes have a Santa seal that covers George Washington. People purchase these distinct dollars to offer as gifts, discovering in doing so, they room helping others, as all proceeds walk to charity.

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How have the right to Santa Dollars be legal?

Santa Dollars space a trademark of Ltd. An initial Editions, Inc. The registered trademark assures consumers that Santa Dollars meet the needs of the U.S. Treasury Department. The Santa disagreement seal is removable leaving the financial institution note intact.

Can Santa Dollars be spent?

Since Santa Dollars are actual treasury notes, they deserve to be invested anywhere, after ~ the Santa seal is removed. However, background has presented that they space not being spent, but gathered instead. Santa Dollars, along with their greeting cards, have come to be holiday collectibles, together predicted in 1990 on an excellent Morning America.

Who designs the Santa dollar card?

Over the years, a range of artists have actually been featured on the Santa disagreement cards. Everyone interested in being taken into consideration may submit your art v our website. Every entries space reviewed by our art department. The selected artist receives global recognition as Santa Dollars are sent out everywhere. For much more information, visit our Charity page.

What is the story behind the success?

Since 1985, Santa Dollars have raised 10s of millions of dollars for various charities throughout the joined States. That company leaders, also as small businesses, have functioned to advanced funds because that the needs of your communities. They have actually joined hands to type a network that hope. The initiatives of all these dedicated people have created the “magic” the has sustained the Santa disagreement program. For much more information, visit our companion page.

How can I end up being involved?

If you room a retailer, click on the partner page.If you are a charity organization, click the Charity page.

Who space the charities that have actually benefited end the years?

For a listing of charities that have received funds, click on the Charity page.

Who space the retailers that have actually participated end the years?

For a listing of retailers, click the partner page.

How can I it is registered my art job-related for consideration?

If you are interested in gift considered, click on the artist page.

ns am plan a party and also would like to use a an individual picture. Deserve to you help?

We do not do any kind of other ventures, just those bearing ours trademarks.

My firm would favor to location an order. Just how do we proceed?

If friend would prefer to sign up with the team that retailers elevating funds for the requirements of your community, download the order Form. Publish out the Order kind and send that in in addition to your check or money order.

once do retailers start the promotion?

Santa Dollars are easily accessible in October.

Does Marketing Productions assist in any way to promote the fundraisers?

Yes. Us direct world who visit our web site, to the nearest participating retailer.

Who selects the charity to get the proceeds?

Each participating retailer selects the charity of their choice.

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I to be a business that would choose to participate yet missed the bespeak deadline. Is it also late because that me to location an order?

We constantly print extra cards. Call us at info and we will let you know if gives are available.