Other intergers, i beg your pardon are less common, e.g. Your (approximated) elevation in $cm$, the (approximate) temperature of her body or the environment, or the (approximate) result of convert $200$ miles to kilometers.

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Numbers that room not integers, such as $$1.23$.

If you have actually $$198$ (category $2$) bill in a restaurant, you"d most likely tip $$2$ to round it to $$200$ (category $1$).

Is there a term because that numbers of group $1$?



The an initial category is known as the 1-2-5 series, and it is an instance of a mechanism of desired numbers. As the name implies, over there is nothing julianum.netematically distinctive about such numbers; human beings just like them.


The OEIS call your first set a "Hyperinflation sequence for banknotes", despite there have been countless coins and banknotes with different denominations approximately the world, such together a $1935$ Canadian $$25$ note.

julianum.netematically they are the numbers created by $$frac1+2 x+5 x^21-10 x^3.$$

People have actually counted with various other patterns, significantly the Babylonian sexagesimal system which we still usage for minutes and also seconds and so regularly think of $15$ and $30$ as round in part contexts.



I believe the most easily taken term because that them is numbers v one significant figure.

Preemptive argument versus pedantic people:

While it is true the "with one significant figure" can be used to define a value and does no serve the asker"s purpose in the case, it can likewise be offered to refer to number and when the does, it does serve the asker"s purpose. Just how clear one have to be come ensure the everyone to know you room referring to numbers, not values, depends on the context the phrase is offered in.

Secondly, one could say you should specify the number system when speaking of far-reaching figures, however, if girlfriend don"t, in many contexts it can be assumed you are talking about decimal numbers.

When ns looked at this numbers, the an initial thing that developed to me was"These are numbers that divide a strength of the base(10, in this case)." looking again, this descriptionis more general than your situation 1(because it consists of values such together 25),but appears to me to capturemuch of the idea the a number gift "round".

Anyway, that"s my 50 cent worth.

In regards to whatr marty wrote:

It is not that these numbers can be split a strength of the base 10. (well yes, yet that is warm their definition)

The definition should be:

Ten come the power of (n-1), whereby n is the numbers of digits of the numbers divides the number in categorie 1.

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