A neuron that transmits a nerve impulse toward the main nervous system is called a(n): engine neuron Sensory neuron Bipolar neuron Interneuron
Sensory neurons transmit nerve impulses toward the main nervous system. Motor neurons transmit nerve impulses far from the central nervous system.

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Which type of cell specializes in acting together a microbe-eating scavenger? Astrocyte Microglia Oligodendrocyte Schwann cell
The component of the nervous system that transmits impulses native the CNS to skeletal (voluntary) muscle is the: Somatic nervous system Autonomic nervous system Afferent concerned system main nervous system
The myelin sheath is developed by the Schwann cell in the peripheral nervous system. In the main nervous system, the myelin sheath is created by the oligodendrocytes.
Along a neuron, the exactly pathway for impulse conduction is: Dendrite, axon, and receptor Dendrite, cabinet body, and axon Axon, cell body, and dendrite Receptor, axon, and cell body
The correct pathway for impulse conduction is dendrite to cell body to axon . Dendrites obtain impulses and also transmit them toward the cell body. Impulses are thentransfer away from the cell body by the axon.
A synapse consists of: A synaptic knob A synaptic cleft The plasma membrane that a postsynaptic neuron all of the above
A synapse is composed of a synaptic knob, a synaptic cleft, and the plasma membrane of a postsynaptic neuron. A synapse helps info move indigenous one neuron come another.
A synaptic knob, which is a tiny bulge at the finish of a terminal branch of a presynaptic neuron"s axon, is located on an axon
A absence of this neurotransmitter is associated with Parkinson disease. Norepinephrine the endol pin Dopamine Enkephalins
A lack of dopamine is associated with Parkinson disease. Dopamine injections room ineffective treatment due to the fact that dopamine cannot cross the blood-brain barrier and be absorbed by the mind tissue.
Interneurons reside: In the CNS and also peripheral concerned system. In the CNS only. In the peripheral nervous device only. No one of the above.
Dopamine, norepinephrine, and also epinephrine room neurotransmitters that room classified as: Acetylcholines Neuropeptides Catecholamines none of the above
Dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine are classified together catecholamines . Catecholamines room a group of link that might play a function in sleep, motor function, mood, and pleasure recognition.
Bundles that fibers, called fascicles, are held together by a layer of connective organization layer referred to as the perineurium. True False
Bundles the fibers, referred to as fascicles, are hosted together by a class of connective tissue layer referred to as the perineurium. Countless fascicles are then organized together to type a complete nerve through a fibrous layer referred to as the epineurium.

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Acetylcholine is a small-molecule neurotransmitter the is uncovered in various places in the nervous system. True False
Acetylcholine is a small-molecule neurotransmitter the is discovered in various locations in the worried system. It has both one excitatory effect and inhibitory effect depending upon the place where the is functioning.
Schwann cell are uncovered throughout the worried system. They support nerve fibers and sometimes kind a myelin sheath approximately them. True False
In myelinated fibers, activity potentials in the membrane only occur at the nodes the Ranvier. This form of impulse conduction is referred to as __________ conduction
are ciliated cells that type a paper that generally lines liquid cavities in the brain and spinal cord. Some ependymal cell take part in creating the fluid that fills theses spaces. Other have actually cilia that assist keep the fluid circulating in ~ the cavities