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When looking through the city, going from one ar to another, friend will view some race icons on the road yet not ~ above the map. Those are the covert races. The cheat is to get in them as shortly as you watch them (unless you space going after a Magazine/DVD cover), because you might forget their ar if you progress ahead. You cannot make them show up in her map by any kind of means.

If you desire to completely upgrade your car first of all you have to finish the step and sequencing compete you cars upgrade from shops,if you to buy a bumpers go to the green shade shop, if you desire upgrade car speed,handling,acceleration,then go to the blue color shop,garage purple,color adjust red color shop ,and other one yellow shade shop you upgrade you car from there acquired it

You can additionally find the locations of secret races through listening come the guy"s "there is some action in ... Area". The "..." is the place of mystery race

How to find hidden races you can"t see the gyeongju in the map the concealed races can be discovered in the world map in garage the is the complete of races that you can"t uncover in the map

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