The Kingdom that Kush was an ancient civilization in Africa. It is often referred to together Nubia and had nearby ties to old Egypt.

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Where was the Kingdom that Kush located?The Kingdom of Kush was situated in Northeast Africa just south of ancient Egypt. The main cities that Kush were positioned along the Nile River, the White Nile River, and the Blue Nile River. Today, the land of Kush is the nation of Sudan.How lengthy did the Kingdom the Kush rule?The Kingdom the Kush lasted because that over 1400 years. That was first established roughly 1070 BCE when it obtained its independence from Egypt. That quickly came to be a major power in Northeast Africa. In 727 BCE, Kush took control of Egypt and also ruled until the Assyrians arrived. The empire started to undermine after Rome overcame Egypt and eventually fell down sometime in the 300s CE.Two CapitalsThe Kingdom the Kush had two different funding cities. The an initial capital was Napata. Napata was located along the Nile flow in north Kush. Napata served as the funding during the elevation of Kush"s power. Sometime approximately 590 BCE, the resources moved to the city of Meroe. Meroe was additional south offering a much better buffer from the fighting with Egypt. It additionally was a center for ironworking, an important resource for the kingdom.
Similar to old EgyptThe Kingdom that Kush was very comparable to ancient Egypt in many elements including government, culture, and religion. Favor the Egyptians, the Kushites built pyramids at interment sites, worshiped Egyptian gods, and also mummified the dead. The ruling class of Kush likely considered themselves Egyptian in plenty of ways.
Nubian Pyramids Source: Wikimedia Commons
Iron and GoldTwo of the most essential resources of ancient Kush were gold and also iron. Gold aided Kush to become wealthy together it might be traded to the Egyptians and also other nearby nations. Iron was the most important metal of the age. It was used to make the the strongest tools and weapons.Culture the KushOutside of the Pharaoh and the ruling class, the clergymans were the most crucial social class in Kush. They make the laws and also communicated v the gods. Just listed below the priests were the artisans and scribes. Artisans worked the iron and also gold the was such an essential part of the Kushite economy. Farmer were likewise respected as they listed the food because that the country. In ~ the bottom were servants, laborers, and also slaves.Like the Egyptians, religious beliefs played critical role in the lives of the Kushites. They thought strongly in the afterlife. Ladies played crucial role and also could be leader in Kush. Countless of the Kushite leaders were queens.

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Interesting Facts about the Kingdom that KushIn battle, Kush was famous for its archers and also the bow and also arrow were often depicted in the arts of ancient Kush. Periodically the an ar was referred to as the "Land the the Bow" due to the fact that of its famous archers.One of the most renowned leaders of Kush was Piye who conquered Egypt and became pharaoh the Egypt.Most of the civilization of Kush to be farmers. Your primary plants were wheat and barley. They also grew noodle to make clothing.The pyramids the Kush had tendency to be smaller sized than the pyramids that Egypt. The burial chambers to be located listed below the pyramids. Many of this pyramids were developed near the city of Meroe and also can tho be seen today.The clergymans were so powerful they can decide as soon as it to be time because that the king to die.People didn"t live an extremely long in Kush. The average person was intended to live only 20 to 25 years.Besides gold and also iron, other essential trade items contained ivory, slaves, incense, feathers, and also wild pet hides.ActivitiesPharaohsShaka ZuluSundiataGeographyCountries and ContinentNile RiverSahara DesertTrade paths OtherTimeline of ancient AfricaGlossary and also TermsWorks CitedHistory >> old Africa


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