together we promised critical week let’s take it a watch at several of the most famous (or most expensive!) Live Auction too many from the past 29 years. BreyerFest 1990 (our first year!) had a unique one-of-a-kind bronze spreading of Stud Spider, which offered for $1,000. When this doesn’t seem too impressive compared to what some auction items have actually sold because that in current years, this to be the most expensive many by far in 1990. A couple of years later, BreyerFest 1993 had over 70 various lots in the Live Auction, a feat that we haven’t repetitive since. Through that numerous lots up because that grabs, our devoted collectors helped raise a most money to assistance our Breyer Beneficiaries. BreyerFest 1995 overtook all previous records once a Jumping horse in a gorgeous Glossy Grey Appaloosa offered for $2,000; there to be a few other models the year also that sold for at the very least $1,000. In 1998 we inched closer come the $3,000 mark when a Serengeti (a raffle model on the big Ben mold) was purchased for a amazing $2,700. A devoted collector was ultimately bold enough to hit the $3,000 note in 2004 by to buy a Smutty Palomino Appaloosa on the flash mold. A few lots later that record was shattered as soon as a silver Dapple Lady Phase to be purchased through a collector for $4,000! us were amazed!The year that will stand the end in our minds for years come come is 2008. ~ above the auction block was a Smutty Palomino Alborozo, which was purchased for a mind-boggling $13,500; a record that still stands today. The Alborozo mold was damaged after BreyerFest 2008 therefore there room very, very minimal quantities of the model. No wonder it has actually an extra unique spot in Collectors’ hearts and herds. In 2011, the fan-favorite was the Vintage Roan Appaloosa Proud Arabian Mare and also Foal, which was purchased because that an superior $5,000. Likewise highly coveted to be the royal Tortuga Weathergirl, which sold for $3,700 and also a Lady Phase through High Gloss Dapple increased Grey Pintaloosa coloring the went because that $3,200. The Alborozo mold made an additional appearance in ~ BreyerFest brothers Invasion, however didn’t quite beat the vault auction document of $13,500. This High Gloss Dappled Bay variation was purchased because that an very generous $8,000, setup the document for the 2012 Live Auction. In 2015, at BreyerFest Vive la France, the Glossy silver- Dapple only Fighting Stallion set the record for the evening by going for $7,500.

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Our last couple of lots the the BreyerFest 2017 Auction aided us ended on a high note when a Glossy Dapple black color PAM (Proud Arabian Mare) marketed for $7,000, a Glossy just Tobiano Nokota offered for $6,000, our Sunday raffle design Rangoli sold for $5,200, a Blue Roan Sabino Fighting Stallion marketed for $6,000, and also a Shannondell in Chestnnut Sabino Tobiano offered for $5,000. The tremendous generosity of ours collectors made the 2017 Live Auction the many successful auction in BreyerFest history!Who to know what following year will carry at the BreyerFest Salute to steed Heroes Live Auction!



December 09, 2020