The 10 most Expensive bag Of Boots In The civilization Who knew boots can be so expensive? these 10 pairs of footwear will collection you earlier a quite penny, that"s because that sure.

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part shoes were made for walking, some were specifically made to totally ruin her finances. Simply kidding! yet when it involves fashion, shoes room the sort of equipment that deserve to put a designer"s name on the map. And, of course, make even the strongest of us take into consideration whether or not we"re ready to tide sanity goodbye for the sake of a brand brand-new pair that Manolo Blahniks.

It was no coincidence that Carrie Bradshaw"s shoe addiction put her in some serious trouble in Sex and The City. Quality, designer shoes can break the bank pretty quickly - and in part cases, girlfriend don"t even have come buy more than one pair! Curious to watch what us mean? Let"s take it a look at the many expensive bag of boots in the world!


10 Gucci"s Horsebit Chain Boots - $2,890

You"ll be sure to find an extremely familiar names together you do your way down this list. A handful of famous fashion homes crawled their method to the peak thanks come shoes and accessories fairly than clothes. Gucci is among those surname we just instantly associate v opulence, style, elegance, and oh so countless dollar signs.

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And while this could seem like a usually sum, especially compared to few of the item we"ve listed here, it"s tho a lot an ext than a common mortal could afford to spend on boots. These beauties are component of this year"s collection, and they stand for a modern-day take on 18th-century style. Too negative they cost more than the mean salary!


9 Gucci’s Woven leather Boots - $3,750

The difficulty with the most well known designer brand in the human being is that they end up being so popular amongst the wealthiest people, that they"re soon a target that knock-offs. And also it doesn"t issue how bad the knock-offs are, that does take it a toll fee on the 1%"s great to buy us a $2K wallet.

Gucci tackled this trouble when it came up through this delicious pair the woven animal leather boots. Why do they cost practically $4,000, you may ask? Well, that"s because they are one of a sort - friend won"t discover anything prefer this being sold throughout the street. Us all know that when it involves exclusivity, price tags often tend to rise greater than the heavens!


8 luigi Vuitton"s Vienna Minimalisa High Boots - $4,500

While we"re top top the subject of exclusivity, there"s no better example of that 보다 this pair of Louis Vuitton"s Vienna Minimalisa High Boots. The brand is currently a clip in the civilization of high fashion, with some of their most expensive items retailing because that thousands and also thousands of dollars.

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This certain pair the boots is premium ostrich leather, hand-sewn by the most expert crafters in the world. Such a complex piece usually isn"t created in bulk, and the Vienna version is no exception. There"s a very restricted amount of bag available, thus the $4,500 price tag that have the right to make any woman weep.

7 Manolo Blahnik black Alligator Boots - $14,000

When us think Manolo Blahnik, we have tendency to automatically recall every the gorgeous stilettos our favorite gal pals love to undertake on Sex and also The City. Especially Carrie, as we"ve currently mentioned. The brand"s shoes room elegant and fun, the perch mix for any accessory out there.

Thankfully, Blahnik made decision to shot his lucky with creating boots, and we couldn"t be happier the he came up with this sleek pair of black alligator boots. They"re so exclusive and sought after that the brand went above and beyond with their already hefty price tags. If you want to gain one these for yourself, you"ll need to say goodbye to $14,000!


6 Spiky Red Christian Louboutin Boots - $30,000

Another brand the is optimal of mind once thinking about high-end, expensive high quality shoes is, the course, Christian Louboutin. The above red soles are among those marketing details that managed to propel the brand into virtually instant fame. So lot so, also rapper Cardi B featured a line around them on she breakout single Bodak Yellow.

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To date, this spiky red Christian Louboutin boots are few of the many expensive pairs the brand has ever launched. They to be up because that auction because that the an international Fund to Fight AIDS, organized by auction house Sotheby"s. The last price tag? $30,000!

5 Nike waiting Mag 2016 – $37,000

If there is one pair sneaker-slash-boots aficionados deserve to forget around obtaining than these are more than likely it. While many of united state still wait because that Nike to finally drop this crazy, futuristic version at your physical and also online stores, hoping is most likely the only thing we"ll it is in doing because that a while. There were only two instances as soon as a couple of of these went up because that sale.

They go so for a an excellent cause. A little over a thousand pairs went up for auction in order come raise money because that the Michael J. Fox structure the an initial time around. And also rapper Tinie Tempah was one of the lucky couple of who snatched a pair of his own. It cost him $37,000, but at least he literally put on exclusivity top top his feet.

4 Tres Outlaws" Cowboy Boots - $75,000

You probably wouldn"t suppose a reasonably unknown brand to do the top 5 of the many expensive pairs of boots in the world, right? especially not one situated all the means in El Paso, Texas, as opposed come fashion fundings like Paris, London, or new York. However, here we are, introducing Tres Outlaws.

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In good old Texas fashion, this house specializes in do high-quality cowboy boots. We"re not talking around the $20 pairs you can uncover at your regional store! one of the bootmakers do a pair that consisted of $18,000 precious of gold and also silver coins. As you deserve to expect, the final cost went approximately $75,000.

3 Howard H. Knight"s Cowboy Boots - $106,000

We"re not rather sure what the is that provides cowboy boots such a hit when it concerns price. Maybe it"s the truth that they"re often custom made, and also using part seriously high-quality materials, together was the instance of Tres Outlaws. Either way, yet one more unique pair originates from artist Howard H. Knight.

Even though these stunning boots are made to it is in worn, castle resemble an ext an art item you"d suppose to watch at a museum than something you"d actually placed on your feet. In bespeak to make these involved life, Knight operated for the insane quantity of 800 hours. And also in this case, tough work payment off, v the boots sporting a price tags of $106,000!

2 AF Vandevorst Diamond Boots - $3.1 Million

For quite a few years, this were taken into consideration to it is in the many expensive boots in the world. And also that"s no wonder, considering the large leap indigenous the previous item. Indigenous a tiny over $106,000 to end $3 Million, just the very rich can ever dream of owning these AF Vandevorst Diamond Boots.

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The brand was originally produced by a married couple and controlled to harness rather the name for themselves once they premiered this number at a 2014-2015 fashion present in Paris. Through over 1,500 carats of diamonds incrusted into the fabric, these bad boys will price you $3.1 Million.

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1 Jack Armstrong"s Cosmic Cowboy Boots - $6 Million

Just when you assumed there couldn"t maybe exist a pair that boots costing end $3.1 Million, artist Jack Armstrong gift you through his unique pair that Cosmic Cowboy boots. These were the people who controlled to dethrone AF Vandevorst, and also snatch the location of the world"s many expensive pair the boots.

Jack Armstrong is a very well-known, brand-new York-based artist who vowed to produce only 100 pieces throughout his lifetime. This, the course, means the summary of exclusivity. Currently having sold a custom Harley Davidson currently valued at $15 Million, he come up v this one of a kind design for the insane amount of $6 Million!