Chris Tucker’s friendship with Michael Jackson is well-documented. A lifelong fan of the Thriller hitmaker, he came to be close v Jackson after his career took off, occasionally visiting and spending time v him in ~ Jackson’s famed Neverland Ranch.

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Before that, Tucker was recognized for his impressions the the so late superstar, significantly in 2001’s Rush Hour 2 when he did karaoke come Jackson’s “Don’t prevent ‘Til You obtain Enough.” He also had a hilarious joke around Jackson’s “reaction” to that certain performance.

(L-R) kris Tucker and also Michael Jackson | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty pictures North America; Carlo Allegri/Getty images North America

‘Rush Hour 2’ was a huge hit

The sequel come 1998’s Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2 is a buddy-cop movie that complies with mismatched detectives Lee (Jackie Chan) and also James Carter (Chris Tucker)as they set out to stop an worldwide crime ring.

Though the wasn’t as effective as the predecessor, it was still an enjoyable movie that cinched several award nominations and also ultimately grossed end $300 million against a $90 million spending plan (via crate Office Mojo).

Chris Tucker perform “Don’t prevent ‘Til You gain Enough” in ‘Rush Hour 2’

On their journey, Lee and also Carter stop at a bar, whereby a guy is putting on a bad rendition of Jackson’s 1979 hit. “What in the human being is walking on in here?” Carter asks, clearly annoyed. “Am i the just one listening come this? This man’s destroying a classic!”

He grows significantly irritated with the man’s singing before rushing the stage and also taking over, delivering a performance wherein he attempted some of Jackson’s signature moves — including his above high kick. Except Tucker provided the dorn leg, kicking with his left rather of his right.

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How Michael Jackson reacted to the ‘Rush Hour 2’ scene, follow to kris Tucker

Tucker quipped about Jackson’s alleged reaction to the Rush Hour 2 scene in The Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration (2001). Acquisition the stage to introduce Jackson, he spoke around their friendship and also joked about a phone contact he got after the relax of Rush Hour 2.

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“Michael dubbed me ~ above the phone. The said, ‘Is this kris Tucker? … This is Michael Jackson,"” the claimed, mimicking the singer’s soft voice. “I said, ‘What’s up, Mike?’ that said, ‘I simply wanna speak to you and tell you, I seen your movie Rush Hour 2… and also you’re kicking with the not correct leg. Stop making me watch bad.”

He then invited Jackson on come the stage, who performed his 2001 tune “You absent My World.” in ~ the finish of the performance, Tucker returned to the stage, joining him in dance. Jackson burst right into laughter and fell ~ above the floor as Tucker, when again, kicked v the not correct leg.