$ceMg$ flour is stirred into $ceCuSO4$, what is the balanced molecular equation for this reaction ? I have $ceMg + CuSO4 -> Mg2SO4 + Cu$. Also, is the ionic equation the same as the network ionic equation? I think it is not, since Copper would certainly act together a spectator ion, however, ns am not too sure.



Your equation is an extremely close, yet you the is no $ceMg2SO4$. $ceMg^2+$ has actually a fee of $2+$, and also $ceSO4^2-$ has a charge of $2-$. They incorporate in a proportion of 1:1, for this reason the an outcome is

$$ceMg + CuSO4 -> MgSO4 + Cu ~ .$$

The ionic equation does not include the $ceSO4^2-$, and in the case of this equation the network ionic equation is the exact same as the ionic equation. Ionic equations look in ~ what happens to electrons.In this case, electrons space being transferred from the magnesium to the copper (since the copper is bonded to $ceSO4^2-$ that is in the type $ceCu^2+$).

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$$ceMg + Cu^2+ -> Mg^2+ + Cu ~ .$$

Since the charge on the $ceSO4^2-$ doesn"t change, it"s simply a spectator ion.

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The answer offered is what all the textbooks say, and also what the examiner wants. However, magnesium will displace hydrogen from water if copper ion are present which act as a catalyst. So what yes, really happens is bubbles of hydrogen are liberated and also white magnesium hydroxide solid is produced.

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