In the story that “ Two ways Of seeing A river” was a an individual and creative essay. The was released in 1883 in Mississippi, by mark Twain. Mark Twain defines how something therefore beautiful can turn ugly after seeing it numerious that times. Not just is it ugly due to the fact that of seeing iy plenty of of time it is the way he sees the river from a various perspective and a various knowledge. Mark Twain first sees the river as a beautiful location to be sure in, that desribes the flow to it is in majestic.

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mark Twain would love to admire the beautiful sunset and steamboat. Mark Twain would very first go come the river just to visit for his enjoyment and also to relax. After that Mark two starts to actually job-related on the steamboat and also suddenly his watch on the river changes because he has an ext knowledge and expierence ~ above the river. Note Twain notices exactly how dangerous the steamboar in reality is and how it can kill his passengers.


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note Twain see on once what he had actually on the river which to be romance and also beauty was now all gone.

Mark twain helps us by informing us to never ever see other from just one suggest of view. Whatever has to political parties to it. A coin has actually two political parties to it, A story has actually two political parties to it, and also the river has actually two sides to it too. Because that one the river deserve to be the source of life, may host beautiful colors, have breath acquisition scenaries and also holds beauty within everyinch the it, however on the other hand the river have the right to lead to a life diaseter by being dangerous and also posseing the strength to death passengers ~ above the steam boat.

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mark Twain tells united state to pick up the facts before analuzonf anything so climate you can obtain some understanding in what you space analuzing. For example a doctor may not have the ability to see the beauty in a human being being since he obtained so use to his task he is only use to see their disease or disease. Mark Twain says “ you lose and you gain yet in acquiring all this technical understanding you may lose the perpective that what is the essence.” mark Twain means by this is how knowledge can overcome beauty.

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