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"Push It" is a track by the group Salt-n-Pepa. It was released together the B-side the the "Tramp" single in 1987, and also as its own solitary in 1988. The peaked at number 19 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 in early 1988 and, after originally peaking in ~ number 41 in the UK, that re-entered the charts after the group performed the monitor at Nelson Mandela"s 70th birthday concert, at some point peaking at number two that summer. The tune has likewise been certified Platinum by the RIAA. The tune is ranked number 446 on rolling Stone"s list of the 500 best Songs of all Time and was ranked number nine on VH1"s 100 best Songs of hip Hop. An ext »

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Ah, push itAh, press it(Hit it)Ooh, baby, babyBaby, babyOoh, baby, babyBa-baby, baby (get increase on this)Ah, press itAh, press itAh, push it (hey, get up top top this)Ah, press it(Get up on this)Ow babySalt and also Pepa"s hereSalt, Salt, Salt, Salt, Salt and also Pepa"s hereSalt, Salt, Salt, Salt, Salt, Salt and Pepa"s hereSalt and Pep-, Salt and Pep-, Salt and Pepa"s hereSalt, Salt, Salt Salt and also Pepa"s hereNow, now, now, wait a minute, y"allThis dance ain"t for everybodyOnly the sexy peopleSo all you fly mothersGet on the end there and danceDance, ns said!Salt and also Pepa"s here, and also we"re in effectWant friend to press it, babeCoolin" by day climate at night functioning up a sweatCome top top girls, let"s go display the men that we knowHow to end up being number one in a warm party showNow press itAh, push itPush that goodAh, press itPush it actual goodAh, press itPush that goodAh, push itP-push it actual goodHeyOwPush it goodOoh, baby, babyBaby, babyOoh, baby, babyBa-baby, babyPush the goodPush it genuine goodAh, press itAh, press itYo, yo, yo, yo, baby-popYeah, you come here, gimme a kissBetter make it rapid or else I"m gonna gain pissedCan"t you hear the music"s pumpin" hard like ns wish you would?Now press itPush it goodPush it genuine goodPush it goodP-push it actual goodAh, push itGet increase on this (uh)Get up on this (uh, uh, uh)Get up on this (hey)Get increase on this (hit it)Boy, you really gained me goingYou obtained me so ns don"t know what I"m doingAh, press itAh, push itBoy, girlfriend really obtained me goingYou acquired me so ns don"t recognize what I"m doingAh, push itAh, push itAhAh, press itPush-push-push it, push itPush it, Push-push-push it, push itPush it, press itPush it, push it, press itPush it, push itPush it, press it, push it

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Salt-N-Pepa Salt-N-Pepa is an American hip hop trio from Queens and also Brooklyn, brand-new York, the was created in 1985.

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The group, consist of of Cheryl James ("Salt"), Sandra Denton ("Pepa") and Deidra Roper ("DJ Spinderella"), was among the an initial all-female laboratory crews. An ext »